Tesla is only 1% due to a fierce collision with a teen driver


Miami (AP) — Florida jury found Tesla to be only 1% negligent Violent collision Disabling the speed limiter for electric cars killed two teenagers.

The verdict on Tuesday held driver Barrett Riley 90% responsible and his father James Riley, who filed a proceeding against Tesla, 9%.

This is the first known case, including a Tesla clash on trial, said Michael Brooks, executive director of the Japan Safe Driving Center.

Barrett Riley and his friend Edgar Monserato Martinez were about to graduate from a private school in South Florida when they died in a May 2018 accident near Fort Lauderdale Beach. The passengers in the back seats were kicked out and survived.

National Transportation Safety Board Decision He is driving at 116 mph (186 kph) in the 30 mph (48 kph) zone, and the most likely cause of the crash was “the driver lost control as a result of overspeed.”

James Riley argued that the clash could “survive completely” and that it was the subsequent fire that killed the teenager, but the judge said Tesla was “out of control and deadly” in shock. He dismissed his proceedings alleging that he designed a defective lithium-ion battery that “rushes into a fire.”

James Riley also said that Tesla removed the speed limiter without his permission. He ordered an instrument installed to prevent his son from driving at speeds above 85 mph (136 km).

Approximately a month before the accident, a teenager asked a worker at Tesla’s Dania Beach dealership to return the car to normal driving mode during servicing, according to a study.

Tesla has denied the mistake of disabling the speed limiter. According to the judge’s instructions to the jury, the company claimed that teenage parents did not allow him to drive “when he knew the history of his speeding and reckless driving.” ..

Brooks said another lawsuit was pending against Tesla at the Japan Safe Driving Center, including autopilot and fully automated driving systems.

The jury recommended that teenage mother Jenny Riley be given $ 6 million for pain and suffering and $ 4.5 million for her father, the newspaper reported.

But the allocation of liability means that Tesla is only responsible for $ 105,000, said Kurt Miner, a lawyer representing James Riley. Sun-Sentinel in South Florida.. He did not return an email asking for information regarding the distribution of the Jury Trial Award.