Tesla owners can now request to join the FSD beta test on their own




Although we have waited a very long time, the long-awaited Full Self Driving (FSB) beta test by Tesla owners is finally open to all car owners.Washington postI discovered that Tesla owners started to see a button requesting to join the FSD beta test program, but it does not mean that pressing the button will automatically join the test program-according to Musk’s instructions, Tesla will then spend about a week Time to “evaluate driving habits” to ensure that the driver will not have bad habits such as hard braking, sharp cornering, or short-range trailing that affect safety.

This can greatly expand the scope of Tesla’s collection of data and help Tesla continue to improve its self-driving system, but we already know that the new US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chairman Jennifer Homendy has already criticized Tesla and has complained about Tesla. La Ranran conducted a “beta test” on the public road and expressed dissatisfaction. Whether this extended test greeted the NTSB well should be a key to determining the relationship between Tesla and the NTSB.