Texas AG Paxton is in the 2020 elections, employee proceedings. Republicans, was it enough?

Ken Paxton once again showed that he was a time bomb for Texas Republicans.

The Attorney General was in El Paso last week and announced a proceeding against the Biden administration over border security.A woman in the crowd gives him Confronting President Donald Trump’s “Capsizing” In last year’s election. She used the term twice and Paxton said, “I agree with you.”

It does not look good to the official who filed the absurd proceedings Texas tried to intervene in election law in other states On behalf of playing cards.

America The Supreme Court dismissed the idea No public hearing. Paxton suffered another legal blow last week as the state’s Court of Appeals declared he was not out of law despite the Attorney General’s protest.

Paxton, as an elected civil servant Whistleblower protection for his employees does not apply To him. It was a lazy attempt to dismiss the proceedings filed by four former employees who alleged that AG was illegal. Attempted to help the donors of the campaign There is a legal issue.

Paxton survives with his reputation as a legitimate conservative. Republican voters have driven him into the second term. But what is conservative about the elected civil servants trying to go beyond the law? What is conservative about supporting the unfounded conspiracy theory of the 2020 elections? What is conservative about claiming that states should be able to interfere with each other’s elections?

Also keep in mind that the whistleblower’s allegations were not an attempt at a “deep state” coup. Some of the people who accused him of cheating were carefully selected supporters known as solid conservatives.

Paxton has become the closest state Republican to defeat in 2018, despite facing unknown Democratic opponents. Other Republicans are feeling weak, and AG has three key major challengers so far.

Each will pursue a similar conservative agenda: sue the Biden administration, defend religious freedom, and pursue fraudulent election cases. In next year’s general election, each will probably be stronger than Paxton.

It is difficult to dismiss an incumbent, even if there are obvious scratches. But as proven last week, Republican voters have to ask themselves. Why, to be precise, does Ken Paxton deserve all this question?

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