Texas Attorney General says bar probe is unconstitutional

Dallas (AP) — Texas Justice Secretary’s lawyer asks state bar associations to withdraw investigations into whether Republican’s failed efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election correspond to professional misconduct However, he claimed that the investigation was unconstitutional and overkill.

In late May Texas Capitol Launches Investigation Attorney General Ken Paxton US Supreme Court Petition To prevent Joe Biden’s victory on the basis of false allegations of fraud. The investigation was prompted by Democratic activist complaints that Republican officials were frivolous and unethical.

In a widespread formal response on Thursday, Paxton’s office said activists lacked the position to complain to the Attorney General, and Bar’s investigation was equivalent to a judicial department that unconstitutionally intervened in administrative work. Insisted.

“Regulations on the professional conduct of lawyers do not extend to the decisions of the Attorney General, his office, or any other institution led by a licensed lawyer, or a civil servant who may happen to be a lawyer. The lawyer at the office wrote in a reply on page 22.

Kevin Moran, 72-year-old president of the Galveston Island Democratic Party, said he was handling the complaint. He provided the Associated Press with Paxton’s response, saying, “I read it, essentially declaring that he was out of law.”

A spokeswoman for the bar, which operates under the authority of the Texas Supreme Court, declined to comment. The Paxton office did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The investigation is only about Paxton’s legal and political responsibilities. He faces long-standing criminal cases, a new FBI investigation, and challenges from two Republican primary opponents who have tried to hay the various controversial elections.

Paxton pleaded not guilty State securities fraud case, He broadly denied cheating in another criminal investigation launched after the then Supreme Congressman. Reported him to the FBI last year Suspected bribery and abuse of authority.

Paxton’s legal issues haven’t repelled Republican donors, but some are starting to throw money at his challengers. George P. Bush accused the Attorney General of the second term after participating in the race in June, withdrawing $ 2.3 million, and Paxton in the last six months, according to new election funding figures posted on Friday. Raised $ 1.8 million.

Republican Eva Guzman, a former Texas Supreme Court judge, also raised more than $ 1 million in 2022 for what is likely to be the state’s most competitive GOP primary.

In December, Paxton’s office asked the US Supreme Court to intervene in Donald Trump’s election defeat, which he did. Without Texas Top Appeal Lawyer A person who usually discusses a state proceeding in the High Court. The Supreme Court judge has abandoned the petition.

A series of other judges and state electoral authorities refuted widespread fraudulent allegations, Trump’s own Justice Department found no evidence Of scams that can change the outcome of elections.

The proceedings filed more than 80 complaints against Paxton and his chief agent, according to the Attorney General’s response. Barr initially dismissed all complaints, but said the court overseeing dissatisfaction with the lawyer overturned these decisions in four proceedings.

In addition to Moran’s response, another complaint Barr is investigating is a lawyer who said he was a “Texas citizen” tired of Paxton’s actions, and David, a former Chief Justice of the State Court of Appeals. It was from Chu.

Paxton’s lawyer largely dismissed Chu’s allegations as “ambiguous, not concrete, and conclusive.” The retired judge was not immediately asked for comment.


Austin’s Associated Press reporter Paul J. Webber contributed to this report.

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