Texas Congressman Clenshaw temporarily blinded after eye surgery

Houston (AP) — Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw said he had undergone eye surgery on Saturday and was virtually blind for a month.

Clenshaw, 37, is a Navy veteran who lost his right eye and injured his left eye in 2012 when a homemade bomb exploded when deployed in Afghanistan.

“The 2012 explosion caused cataracts, excessive tissue damage, and extensive damage to the retina. The effects of damage to the retina can always recur, and exactly what,” Clenshaw said in a statement. Did it happen? “

After seeing an ophthalmologist on Thursday, Clenshaw said he had surgery on Friday after finding that his left eye had detached retina due to dark and blurred vision.

“The surgery worked, but I’m virtually blind for about a month,” says Crenshaw.

Clenshaw was reelected in November and represented Texas’ Second Protectorate District in the Houston area.