Texas County Commissioner Candidate Apologizes for Image of Asian-American Enemy Face Doctor

A candidate for the Harris County Commissioner Court in Texas apologized to her Asian-American opponents and the larger Asian-American community after releasing an ad containing images of her rival doctors.

Leslie Briones opposes Benjamin Chow in the Democratic nomination to represent constituency 4 First distracted accusations It doubled by accusing unnamed graphic designers of spreading lies.

The Advertisement in questionChou’s eyes, nose and lips, released last week, are allegedly distorted. An openly homosexual Chinese-American candidate said she had a long history of “whitening” her skin and “doctoring colored images to get angry and intimidating.” ..

Chow accused Briones of crouching to perpetuate the racist stereotypes that have been used to attack Asians for over 150 years.

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“Because of the growing hatred of anti-Asia, Briones should know better than redrawing my eyes and face to fit her campaign,” Chow said. “In Asia Pacific American Heritage Month, Houstons of all backgrounds should celebrate diversity, rather than modifying features to suit the stories of others.

“The Briones campaign apologizes to all voters in Harris County, not just the Asian community, for her malicious and hateful publicity,” he added.

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This image is also repelling from the local LGBTQ-plus organization. LGBTQ Victory FundIn favor of Chou, Houston LGBTQ + Political CaucusIn favor of Briones.

Briones claimed in an apology issued May 22 that an unidentified graphic designer had seen a doctor. This time, Briones has revealed the following: She Gave instructions Remove ads.

“Graphic designers used Photoshop filters to get rid of their opponents’ smiles and apply black-and-white filters without any instructions from the campaign,” she said. “I instructed the team to remove the ad as soon as I was notified. It was removed within minutes.”

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Briones also said that designers are no longer part of the campaign. She then apologized to Chow and the Asian-American community for the harm caused by the ad.

“A good leader is responsible and demands accountability. The graphic designer is no longer working from the campaign. The Asian-American community about the pain that happened and caused by this event. I apologize to you, “she said.

Still, Briones denied allegations of racism and pointed out that she was the color woman raising three Mexican-American children.

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“Unfortunately, my opponent tried to take advantage of this case by claiming unfounded racism against me. A woman of color raising three Mexican-American daughters. As I reject his accusations on the strongest terms. “

Briones and Chou will face each other in a final vote on Tuesday. The winner will fight incumbent Republican R. Jack Kagle in November.

Featured image via Afrocentric television (Left) and FOX26 Houston (right)

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