Texas Democrat Al Green and MPs Arrested in Parliament Protest


Texas Democrat Algreen was arrested with state legislators while protesting outside the Capitol and Supreme Court buildings in support of Tuesday’s voting rights.

Important reason: Green is the latest of several Democrats arrested in protest of voting rights in the US Capitol in recent weeks.

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Big picture: green Tweeted video Police tied the band to their wrists, and Ron Reynolds (D) and the crowd gathered to sing “We Win” before the pair was taken away.

  • Texas Democratic Group Escaped to Washington DCLast month, it blocks Republican-led voting restrictions.

  • green Told to CNN He wanted to “provide some help by passing federal law that would help prevent some of the things that could happen in Texas.”

  • Police at the US Capitol said CNN police had arrested three demonstrators for “crowding, obstruction, or incapacity.”

Another thing he says: ““I came here to protest the oppressed voting rights across the country,” Green told CNN. “It’s very important to protest voting and protection rights.”

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