Texas dog pedestrians have been permanently injured in a “bloodthirsty” attack by two dogs, the proceedings say

A civil lawsuit claims that a Texas college student working as a dog pedestrian was permanently injured when two dogs attacked her in a “bloodthirsty” attack last month.

Jaqueline Durand (Brooker Law PLLC)

Jaqueline Durand (Brooker Law PLLC)

According to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Dallas County, Coppell’s Jacqueline Claire Durand, 22, is on December 23 to walk the German Shepherd mixed variety Lucy and the mixed variety Pitbull Bender. I had just opened the front door of my house.

The animals were not in the kennel, so they rushed to Durand and attacked violently, the lawsuit said. According to the proceedings, Durand has undergone multiple surgeries since the beating.

“The dog upset Jacqueline’s balance, overturned her and dropped her cell phone. Then the dog slammed her head and face — catastrophically beating her. The dogs were very violent. I took off all of Jacqueline’s clothes, including blue jeans, because I was hungry for blood, “the lawsuit said.

According to the proceedings, the dog tore and ate most of her ears and face under her eyes.

It claims negligence and premise liability by dog ​​owners Ashley Joe Bishop and Dr. Justin Avery Bishop. It also nominates them as defendants in the position of trustees of family trusts.

Bishops were not immediately asked for comment on Thursday afternoon.

Durand, an avid dog lover who worked as a dog sitter and walker while at the University of Texas at Dallas, said the lawsuit did not imagine that love for animals would “cost her so much.” Stated.

According to the proceedings, she had previously met a dog when she discussed work with Bishop Ashley, but Durand was the first to be hired to walk an animal on the day of the attack.

The bishops knew that their pets had a tendency to be violent, the proceedings said, and the dogs were out of the kennel where they were usually kept.

According to the proceedings, the defendants also knew that their dogs were aggressive against those who approached the front door.

The proceedings quoted a sign that says “Crazy Dogs” at the entrance to the bishops’ house. Do not knock or ring the bell. Please send a phone call or text message instead. According to the proceedings, the sign also urged visitors to leave their luggage by the door.

The dog was captured and placed in the care of the city of Koppel before a city judge decided this month that both animals should be euthanized. NBC Dallas-Fort Worth..

Durand’s lawyer has appealed to the judge’s order to give him time to inspect the animals, the agency reported.

Durand’s lawyer, Chip Brooker, said Thursday, “I’m amazed at her power.”

“Now is Jacqueline’s day-to-day journey,” Bruker said.

He said the bishops did not apologize to her.

The proceedings said Durand is seeking a jury trial and more than $ 1 million in indemnity.