Texas Error Means National Guard Units Deployed to Abbott Border Missions Face Unexpected Tax Payments


Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Republican)’s border enforcement efforts have been in the news lately, mostly for the buses he chartered. send immigrants to a handful of Democratic-run citiesBut that’s just part of Abbott. $4 billion Operation Lone Star initiative.

Abbott said he needed “Operation Lone Star” to deploy thousands of National Guard and state police officers to South Texas to arrest immigrants on state charges to reinforce inadequate federal border enforcement. I’m here. Critics have called it a cynical and futile election-year political stunt. Nearly everyone agrees that the operation was done. plagued by problems.

In the latest issue of Operation Lone Star, members of the National Guard find that their deployment owes them hundreds or thousands of dollars in federal taxes due to tax withholding errors at the Texas Department of War. texas tribune reported on thursday“I used to wonder why I was making so much money,” said one annoyed army officer. tribune“Wow. Just wow.”

“The tax blunder is the latest strike against Abbott’s hasty border guards. of tribune wrap upFor months, Guardsmen were “paid too late, too little, or not paid at all,” and prolonged involuntary deployments prevented “some men from continuing their civilian jobs.” lost”.

The Texas Military Department on Thursday identified an Operation Lone Star soldier who died Tuesday in a self-inflicted shooting as an Army National Guard Special Forces unit. Demetrio Torres Torres, 20, is the 10th military man known to have died while assigned to Operation Lone Star. of tribune reportfour suicides, two mass shootings, a motorcycle accident, a soldier who “died of a blood clot after a long guard shift in a record July heatwave,” and another. Saved two upset immigrants from drowning.

Counties that choose to participate in Operation Lone Star also struggle to imprison and prosecute all immigrants they arrest. On Wednesday, an attorney representing Kinney County admitted his office was pursuing criminal charges against immigrants even after they were deported.

Despite Kinney County’s “minimal court system,” its “resolutely conservative leadership has embraced more border crackdowns by the governor than any other county, accounting for the majority of arrests and cases.” ing”. of houston chronicle report“Do I like this whole thing?” County Attorney David Shulman told the Texas Court of Appeals, referring to Operation Lone Star. “No, I think it’s a waste of time and money.”

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