Texas Fisherman Involves Giant Alligator Snapping Turtle: “Everything Goes Crazy”


Let’s talk about the once-in-a-lifetime catch.

A Texas fisherman was involved in a giant snapping turtle while celebrating Father’s Day.

Justin Bloom Hall, 25, Texas LongviewWas fishing catfish at Cherokee Lake around 7:30 pm that Sunday evening. I was fishing with my three-year-old son Lakestin, my father Michael Bloomhall, a senior, and my fiancé’s father James Elliott.

Bloomhall to Fox News Digital, first The catfish seemed to bite..

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“Suddenly they disappeared,” Bloomhall said.

Bloomhall, who has been fishing since the age of four or five, said he noticed traces of bubbles moving across the water.

He thought it was a big catfish, so he threw a fishing line into the water just in front of the trail.

“At that time, everything went crazy,” he said.

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Snapping turtles quickly got food and Bloomhall said he and his dad fought it for 15-20 minutes before winding it up. Close enough to the shore To see what it was.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bloomhall knew that when he realized he had caught an endangered snapping turtle, he had to let it go.

“I went underwater to grab his shell behind his head, and the line broke,” Bloomhall said.

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Even though the turtle was no longer in his line, Bloomhall still wanted to unhook it from its mouth. It can infect turtles, he said.

To ensure he took the turtle to the shore, Bloomhole stepped into the water and grabbed the turtle’s legs and tail – his dad grabbed the belt loop on his pants. ..

“He pulled me back to land, and I pulled a turtle there, and that’s when we knew how big he really was and how old he really was,” Bloom said. Hall said.

Bloomhole weighs 150-160 pounds for alligator snapping turtles and 100 years old, if not old..

“His eyes were already beginning to blur, just as he was blind,” Bloomhall said.

The giant reptile also had a lot of scars, Bloomhall said.

“It was like the crocodile was trying to pull the lump out of its tail,” he said. “He had already lost a few of his little fingers.”

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Bloomhall unhooked the turtle’s mouth and then returned it to the lake. But Bloomhall hopes this isn’t the last time they meet.

“I look forward to seeing him in the next few years to see him go back to the wild and know he still lives in that cove,” Bloomhall said. .. “Just meet him in the wild and see how he’s doing.”

I heard from my grandfather about alligator snapping turtles, but Bloomhall said he had never seen them before.

“It was unbelievable to actually land and see how big it really was,” he said. “And have My dad and my son there It was even cooler. “

“Because he is my eldest son, my experience with him was just once in a lifetime,” continued Bloomhall.

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Bloomhall said he was happy to share his catch with a larger audience.

“I’m from a small town. I’m a person who hasn’t graduated from high school. Knowing my name makes me happy by showing the world that there are still dinosaurs and the like living in these lakes. . “Bloomhall said.

“We still see incredible things,” he added.