Texas fugitive, imprisoned in Miami, hoping to kill a woman who had been missing for months

A fugitive who wanted to kill a woman in Dallas last year (whose body recovered just a week ago) was detained in Miami-Dade County last week and remained imprisoned on Monday.

Nina Tamal Marrano, 49, was killed by the Dallas Police Department after leaving the nightclub in Dallas to meet an old friend from Seattle last October, killing Maricella Botello Valades, 23. We sought. Marrano’s arrest warrant from Dallas states that police suspect that she was one of the last to see Botello Valades before she disappeared.

It was not immediately clear where and how Marrano was arrested in South Florida and why she was here. She has been in custody since last Thursday, according to county correctional bureau records. The Miami-Dade County Prosecutor’s Office, which arrived on Monday, said there was no information about Marrano and Miami-Dade police had not set records as of late Monday afternoon.

According to Miami-Dade County online court records, Marrano has abandoned the surrender hearing and is not expected to appear in court for nearly two more weeks. According to her arrest warrant, Marrano works for a company called Empire Arrow Group in Polk County, about 230 miles north of Miami, Davenport, Florida.

According to the Dallas Police Department, Botello Valades flew from Seattle to Dallas on October 2nd last year to visit a friend. The person, who is only listed as “Ortis” in Marano’s affidavit, told police that he left the apartment late on the night of October 4 to meet a friend at a nightclub in the Deep Elm district of Dallas. .. The Lyft driver picked her up from home.

She never came back. And, according to police, no one has been contacted by Botello Valades since that night. Bank records and social media accounts owned by women have also shown no movement since that date.

According to the Dallas Morning News A human body was found in the outskirts of Dallas, Wilmar, Texas last Wednesday, and inspectors matched the body with Botello Valades the next day.

The Dallas Police Department issued a Marrano arrest warrant on mobile phones owned by Botello Valades, Marrano, Lisa Dykes, and Charles Bertrand on the last night when a Seattle woman was seen alive. He said he had tracked home. According to police, Marrano and Dykes mobile phones were tracked to the woodlands near the cement plant in Hutchins, Texas, before returning to Dykes’s home in Mesquite.

Police claim to have found blood under the carpet of the house that matches the DNA of Botello Valades. Police then discovered a 2014 Audi driven by Bertrand in New York in December, claiming that the search produced hair on the trunk that matched the hair of a woman who died. It is also said that the types of cement used in factories are common on vehicle wheels.

Bertrand (31) and Dykes (57) have not yet been detained. The Dallas Morning News story.

Marrano was charged with murder. Her deposit in Texas is set at $ 500,000.