Texas Governor Abbott defends election audits when Fox News Chris Wallace is asked if he is “a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money.”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott upheld his decision to audit the results of the 2020 elections in Texas at the request of former President Donald Trump. The Washington Post via Jabin Bot’s Ford / Getty Images

  • Former President Donald Trump has demanded an audit of the results of the 2020 elections in Texas, the state in which he won.

  • The Secretary of State of Texas has released a “comprehensive forensic” audit of the state’s four largest counties.

  • Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Governor Greg Abbott if consenting to the audit would “damage” confidence in the election.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he will conduct an election audit of the 2020 presidential election results at the request of former President Donald Trump, despite overwhelming evidence that the former president has successfully won the state. Defended the state’s decision.

Trump wrote a letter “Texas know that fraudulent votes have occurred in some counties,” he told Abbott, who demanded an election audit last week. The Texas Secretary of State responded by confirming that the four largest counties in the state, Harris, Dallas, Tarant, and Colin, would begin a “comprehensive court” audit of the results. President Joe Biden won everything except Collin County.

Fox News host Chris Wallace pressured Republican Abbott on the Fox News Sunday issue in 2022, noting that Trump had successfully won the state with hundreds of thousands of votes.

“Isn’t it a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money to audit with everyone working and President Trump winning 600,000 votes? You have this weakened our election process. Isn’t it contributing to trust? “Wallace asked.

“There are audits of every aspect of the government,” Abbott said. “Why we audit everything in this world, but when we audit elections, people express concern. That is the basis of our democracy.”

Abbott further said election audits were already underway, but Wallace said audits in the latest four counties were new and began “within hours” in Trump’s letter.

“Regardless of the outcome of these audits, Donald Trump will still win in Texas, but every year, including the 2020 elections, there are allegations of illegal voting,” Abbott said.

He added that the state has a “responsibility to ensure integrity and credibility” of elections. Abbott critics suggested that he had succumbed to pressure from the former president.

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