Texas Governor Abbott orders National Guard to help federal agents arrest people at the border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott points at the camera with a stern look.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott vetoed Article X of the state budget, effectively repaying the entire legislature. Eric Gay / AP

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to the Deputy General of the Texas Guard on Tuesday requesting assistance at the border with the United States.

  • He said state soldiers wanted to help federal agents arrest people on the Texas-Mexico border.

  • He said cross-border people pose “a threat to an ongoing imminent disaster for certain counties and institutions in Texas.”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has asked the State Guard to help federal agents arrest people on the Texas-Mexico border.

In a letter sent on Tuesday Abbott told Texas Guard’s current Deputy Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris that cross-border people pose “a continuous and imminent disaster threat to certain Texas counties and agencies.”

“To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at the southern border, more in addition to Texas Public Safety Agency (DPS) soldiers and Texas National Guard soldiers I have already deployed there. And the DPS needs help in arresting those who violate state law. “

The move is Abbott’s latest effort to declare a crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Abbott in June Continuing the border wall of former President Donald Trump And called on the other governor Deploy law enforcement agencies at borders.

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