Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces Parental Bill of Rights

Governor Greg Abbott has outlined a proposed “Bill of Rights for Parents” that gives parents, not schools, the right to decide whether a student repeats a grade.

Important reason: Mr Abbott said he hopes to amend the Constitution of Texas to make parents “leading decision makers on all issues,” including children.

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What they are saying: “Texas parents have the right to know what their children are being taught,” Abbott said. Campaign stop At a charter school in Louisville.

Opposite side: In a statement, the Texas Board of Education said, “We look forward to considering Governor Abbott’s plans. It does not include state obligations or administrative requirements without additional funding to burden frontline educators. I hope that. ” WFAA..

environment: Texas Public Schools Critical race theory To sex education.. NBC News has also created a series of podcasts about schools in Southlake.The district is also divided by problems School mask..

Flashback: Just this month, both directors Dallas ISD When Fort Worth ISD Announced that they will resign. In the last 3 months Eight North Texas Supervisors They say they have resigned.

  • In November, Abbott said, “PornIn public schools, he doesn’t quote examples of materials he wants to ban.

  • Texas Parliamentarian Matt Krause, who chairs the General Affairs Investigation Commission of the Texas Capitol and runs for the Attorney General, last year wrote a letter asking about books offered by Texas schools in Texas. Written to the State Board of Education.He was included 16-page list Titles of about 850 books.

  • Analysis from Dallas Morning News It turns out that “out of the first 100 titles listed, 97 were written by female, colored, or LGBTQ authors.”

Caution: Already in the Constitution of Texas chapter Dedicated to parental rights and responsibilities.

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