Texas Governor Greg Abbott is literally messing around, but the COVID-19 case has burned down an overwhelming hospital

COVID-19 delta variant Returning Texas hospitals to crisis level It hasn’t been seen since the good old days of late February, before the vaccine became widely available. The state has an average of about 12,400 new cases per day. This week, more than 10,000 Texans, who were rarely vaccinated, were hospitalized with COVID-19. 400 percent increase Last month — and at least 53 hospital ICUs are full.

“There is no way my hospital can handle this without a reason to believe that this will continue and will not happen,” said Dr. Esmail Porsa, Chief Health Officer in Harris County, Houston. Told state legislators Tuesday. “I’m one of those who always see the glass half full. I always see the silver lining, but I’m afraid of what’s coming.”

The reaction from the state government “turned into a self-parody.” Ross Ramsey writes in Texas Tribune.. “As the number of cases of COVID-19 increased and hospitalization approached a complete crisis, Governor Greg Abbott (R) tweeted a photo of himself playing a fiddle at a weekend political rally.

More specifically, Abbott adhered to an executive order prohibiting local governments and school districts from demanding masks to delay the spread of COVID-19.Houston Independent School District on Thursday Join the school district In Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth, the state’s largest city I need a mask anyway, And Dallas and Bexar counties filed proceedings this week to circumvent Abbott’s ban on local government mask orders.

“The rebellion is widespread throughout the state.” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said.. Now, Abbott is trying to put down the rebellion after facing further criticism from the right-wing Conservatives.Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Intimidation to obtain a liquor sales license If two Austin restaurants continued to demand proof of vaccination on Wednesday, the restaurant apparently was unaware that the new state law banned it and dropped the requirement on Thursday.And Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton I vowed to sue School or government officials who oppose an executive order banning mask requirements.

“If there are local civil servants who feel they know themselves well and oppose the law, there will be few dictators in the state, the rule of law will be lost, and the representative government who voted will be lost.” He told Laboc radio host Chad Hasty on Wednesday.

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