Texas has suspended the enforcement of a ban on mask obligations in public schools by Governor Greg Abbott to address legal issues.


Greg Abbott Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Reuters / Lucas Jackson

  • Texas will temporarily suspend the enforcement of the governor’s ban on mask mandates in public schools.

  • The Texas Education Agency and the State Supreme Court have said schools can request masks for now.

  • Parents, local governments, and the school board have filed proceedings against the mask mandate ban.

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Texas educational institutions have temporarily suspended Governor Greg Abbott’s mandatory masks, and the State Supreme Court has said that schools can temporarily allow school districts to wear masks. Stated.

Texas Education Agency Said on thursday He said he was doing this for a proceeding against it.

And the Texas Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that schools could continue to demand masks for now, Associated Press reported..

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are skyrocketing in Texas, AbbottRepublicans continue to ban forced masking.

The AP reported that parents, local governments, and the school board have filed legal objections against the ban.

According to AP, seven counties and 48 school districts throughout Texas also conducted mask mandates, despite the governor’s ban.

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