Texas House Votes to Allow Texas People to Carry Handguns Without License or Training

You may need a license right away to drive and vote in Texas, but don’t carry a pistol in public.

Thursday’s Texas House after years of unsuccessful attempts by gun advocates Gave first approval A bill that withdraws the state’s requirement that most pistol owners obtain a $ 40 license to hide or carry their guns in public. Openly.. Currently, Texans 21 years and older with no criminal record can be licensed to carry a pistol if they complete the training requirements, are free of drug addiction, and “can make sound decisions regarding the proper use and storage of pistols.” “” Include Austin American Statesman I will explain..

The bill will withdraw license requirements, but federal background checks will continue for most pistol purchases, with the exception of private and firearm sample sales. It passed 84-56 primarily along the lines of political parties. Five Democrats voted in favor and one Republican voted against. The bill requires another vote in the House of Representatives and the state legislature faces an uncertain future.

El Paso’s delegation led the failure to oppose the bill, HR1927. A few weeks after a shooter killed 23 people in Wal-Mart in 2019, seven shootings occurred in Midland-Odessa. did. Many promises — and I had hope. The members had hope, even if they knew the political reality. ” Joe Moody, Congressman, said (D). “I’m very tired of doing nothing,” he added. “I’m very tired of feeding very few very noisy people whose thoughts about guns are shrouded in unfounded horror and strange conspiracy theories.”

Unlicensed Carry is backed by the Texas Republican Party and the National Rifle Association. It is opposed by law enforcement groups, firearm trainers, and groups of clergy and veterans. During the five-hour debate break, a group of gun control advocates sang “Amazing Grace” in the gallery before being accompanied by law enforcement agencies.

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