Texas mother and son killed by murder-suicide by husband on 17th birthday

Last week, Holly Beverly, a mother in Fort Worth, Texas, and her son Titus Atkins were killed by their estranged ex-husband Timothy Beverly.

Mother in Fort Worth, Texas Holly Beverly And her son Titus Atkins Last Tuesday, he was murdered by Beverly’s estranged husband. The 39-year-old and his son were shot dead at midnight on June 1, the same time Atkins turned 17. Fort Worth Star Telegram I will report.

Tarrant County Police Confirmed Holly Beverly and his assailants, 39 years old Timothy Beverly A spouse who has been separated for more than two years. Records show that Timothy Beverly was not Atkins’ father.

On the night of the two murders and suicides, neighbors reported that someone yelled or shouted, “Give me that child” and “Give me that child.”

Based on witness testimony and a crime scene full of bullets, Timothy Beverly appears to have fired at the apartment. The mother and son died from a gunshot wound on Beverly’s chest and head. According to Atkins, he was shot in the chest. Fort Worth Star Telegram. Timothy Beverly pointed his gun at himself and died of a gunshot wound on his head.

Titus Atkins, Holly Beverly

Titus Atkins, Holly Beverly

Holly Beverly was a teacher at the Hope Works Christian Academy and a single mother who lived with her three children in Westland Estates Apartments on the west side of the city. On the night of the two murders and suicide, Holly Beverly’s other two children were able to run out of the apartment.

Tarrant County police have not confirmed the motivation, but investigators describe it as a domestic violent crime.

Last week, a member of the family GoFundMe page To cover funeral expenses and support two surviving 12-year-old children of Holly Beverly Tyrell And 18 years old TrinityHolly Beverly is remembered as a person who “loved Jesus and his family” and “as a single mother, enthusiastically and tirelessly nourished his three children.”

Atkins was planning to serve in the military in the near future, according to the fundraiser.

“Titus was kind, kind and very smart. He graduated from high school a year early as Valedictorian (May 2021). He likes to work and has just been promoted after a short work at McDonald’s. I was excited about it, “says the page.

The mourning family is still looking for information about what happened and is planning an upcoming funeral for Holly Beverly and Atkins this week.

“That night was a very violent night. I heard that when talking to other children, Titus was trying to help his mother. He was a little hero. It was like ” Said Holly Beverly’s father and Atkins’ grandfather Sam Midkifu

The Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) provides free confidential information to people experiencing domestic violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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