Texas mother who embroiled her family in Capitol riot doubles down on Trump election fraud lie as she seeks leniency from federal judge

January 6

Trump supporters gather in front of the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.John Cherry/Getty Images

  • A Texas family of five was found guilty Wednesday of participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, according to CBS News reporter Scott McFarlane.

  • A federal judge said the Mann family’s January 6 trip was “very insane” by illegally entering the Capitol.

  • The mother of the family suggested the 2020 election was unsafe and called for leniency in the verdict.

A Texas family of five who traveled to Washington, D.C. together on Jan. 6, 2021, and entered the Capitol amid rioting were each handed down their sentences in federal court on Wednesday.

But according to CBS News correspondent Scott McFarlane, the mother of the family, Dawn Mann, asked the judge for leniency, but she repeated Trump’s election fraud lie at the sentencing hearing.

I apologize for what happened on January 6th.According to Scott MacFarlane, Congressional correspondent for CBS News, Dawn Munn said:

“I don’t understand why our election is not safe,” Mann continued. “Without safe elections, there is no country.”

According to Macfarlane, she has since doubled, asked why no one answered her question. According to McFarlane, Mann later said she would never enter the Capitol again. but add“I felt entitled to an explanation as to how our election is secure.”

U.S. Judge Beryl Howell worried that Mann was justifying his actions.

Judge Howell said, “This is not the kind of remorse that provides a guarantee that they will not (again) engage in political violence once instigated.” According to McFarlane.

Mann’s claims echo those of former President Donald Trump, who called his supporters to the Capitol on Jan. 6 and repeatedly claimed without evidence that the 2020 election, which he lost to Joe Biden, was stolen from him. ing.

Both parents, Dawn and Thomas Mann, were sentenced to 14 days in prison, three years of probation, and 90 days of house arrest.

U.S. Judge Beryl Howell said Thomas “should have known better before leading his family into chaos.”

McFarlane reported Thomas’ attorneys argued that he was a good father and husband, but Dawn’s attorneys said she “did not understand the process of proving a vote” and that “it was just a technical thing.” She requested leniency in her sentence because she did not understand that

Thomas told the judge,Never been political before…I used to watch what was going on in the news” When “i was overwhelmedreported MacFarlane.

The Mann family during the January 6th Capitol Riot.

The Mann family during the January 6th Capitol Riot.Tom Mann on Facebook

Prosecutors claimed the parents had planned a family trip to D.C. and were outspoken about Trump’s election allegations on social media. I was.

According to McFarlane, Howell said he did not understand how Dawn Mann had gotten the couple’s son Joshua, who was 23 at the time, involved in the riot. The son reportedly expressed remorse and said he never wanted to go to Washington DC in the first place.

The three grown Mann children who entered the Capitol were also sentenced Wednesday, but none were sent to jail.

Kristi Munn, 30 and the eldest son in the family, was sentenced to three years of probation and 90 days of house arrest, the heaviest sentence of the three children.

Prosecutors allege Christie sent a Facebook message after celebrating the riot.

She wrote that the protest was “perfectly successful,” according to court documents. “Oh my god, we were in the fucking capital!”

According to McFarlane, Critie’s attorney said the 30-year-old Critie was “heartbroken” by her actions and said her social media posts happened “in that moment.”

Two other brothers, Joshua and 20-year-old Kairi, were given probation.

All five members of the Mann family pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges, according to court records. His family confirmed he spent an hour inside the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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