Texas’ multi-billion dollar border operation casts doubt

Governor Greg Abbott touted the success of the $ 3 billion effort to secure the Texas-Mexico border by alleging unrelated arrests and crimes. ProPublica Survey..

Important reason: Operation Lone Star costs taxpayers more than $ 2.5 million a week and is the cornerstone of Abbott’s governor’s campaign.

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News promotion: State leaders initially reported 11,000 criminal arrests in connection with border operations, but subsequently filed more than 2,000 charges from Lone Star operations, including sexual assault, stalking, and cockfighting arrests. Removed.

  • Several former law enforcement officials have told ProPublica that they do not allow the count of Operation Lonestar to measure what the state is achieving.

environment: Thousands of National Guard and National Guard have been stationed at the border, arresting several people arriving in the United States on suspicion of criminal invasion of the state.

With numbers: Abbott has repeatedly pointed to drug attacks as an example of a successful border operation during a campaign event, saying law enforcement has seized £ 887 of fentanyl.

detail: ProPublica Reviewed the handling of state law enforcement activities in a joint investigation with Texas Tribune When Marshall Project..

Deeper: Read the full survey here..

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