Texas people are worried about Texas

90% of Texas are worried about the state’s future, New poll Released by the Dallas-based policy think tank Texas 2036.

Important reason: Polls show that Texas has various levels of concern about the future of the state, but only 43 say they believe Texas will be better in 20 years than it was 20 years ago. %was.

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What they are saying: “We can’t afford to fuel voters’ concerns about the future of Texas and establish pessimism,” Texas CEO Margaret Spellings said in a statement.

With numbers: More than half of the Texans surveyed say the state government is doing a fair or poor job, and many have expressed dissatisfaction with the pandemic response.

  • 79% of the Texans said they were very or very concerned about the low reading score of elementary school students.

  • 47% say crime has increased in the community over the past year.

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