Texas ranchers faced $ 60,000 in property damage related to immigration

NS Texas The rancher Illegal immigrants At the southern border.

Brent Smith said he and other residents suffered significant fencing of ranch property, and some landowners hired private security guards “to protect their ownership.” rice field. Fox & Friends on Monday.

“We Americans, in this part of Texas, we don’t have the same rights as others,” Smith said. “We can’t enjoy our property and can’t go to the backyard anymore at night. It’s a tragedy.”

Smith sharply criticized President Joe Biden’s administration policy. Stop construction Border wall and restore former President Donald Trump Stay in Mexican policy, Made immigrants wait outside the United States while waiting for their asylum cases to be heard.

Drone footage seems to show that “up to 1,000” migrants are at stake across national borders

Biden’s decision has led to a record surge in immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico border, squeezing immigration capacity and making some Republican-led states Additional transmission Law enforcement personnel supporting the Federal Border Guard.

Customs and Border Security agents reported almost witnessed 190,000 I tried to cross illegally in June, the highest price in 21 years. Also in the same month, concerns exceeded one million milestones in fiscal year 2021.

Mr Smith, a Kinney County lawyer, said he has charged a marked increase in illegal immigrants trying to evade border guards through private property. He added that insurance companies are not helping to draft the bill.

“If it’s a stolen car passing through property, their car insurance doesn’t intend to pay it, and we don’t, so the landowners are sticking to paying for it,” Smith said.

Introduced by Congressman Pfluger in August, Texas, July 30 Bipartisan legislation At home to repay farmers and ranchers to deal with the unexpected costs of vandalism of their property due to the proliferation of immigrants.

Law backed by Republican Representatives received $ 300 million from an unused COVID-19 Rescue Fund and were associated with vandalism, including crop loss, livestock loss, fence repair and replacement, and other structural damage to farmers and ranchers. Pay damage to your property.

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