Texas Supreme Court stands by Governor Abbott on Maskman Date in Dallas, San Antonio


NS Texas Supreme Court upheld Governor Greg Abbott On Sunday, in a court battle over the governor’s order banning mask obligations throughout the state, centered on Dallas and Bexar counties.

On July 29, Abbott’s executive order banned cities, counties, school districts, and public health authorities from requiring face masks to be worn indoors.

Dallas County and Bexar County are in the midst of an increasing number of cases of COVID-19 and the beginning of the school year. Temporary suppression command was given to Abbott’s command last week.With Judge Clay Jenkins of Dallas San Antonio We have issued orders requiring that masks be worn in schools and buildings.

However, the Texas Supreme Court blocked the detention order on Sunday in a move to overturn the lower court’s order. The move again off limits mask obligations for local leaders. A trial court hearing is scheduled for Monday in San Antonio and August 24 in Dallas to issue a temporary injunction permitting Maskmandate.

“We will not stop working with parents, doctors, schools, businesses, etc. to protect you and win the hearing,” Jenkins tweeted Sunday night.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a tweet that the San Antonio and Dallas mask orders were illegal under the Governor’s order.

“Let’s use this ruling as a reminder to all ISDs and local authorities that the Governor’s order is valid,” he tweeted.

Judge Glenn Whitley of Tarrant County said Wednesday afternoon There are no plans to establish mask requirements indoors or in public places. Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker also said he didn’t need a mask.

However, Fort Worth school district coach Kent Scribner issued a Maskman date order to the school last week. The judge granted the petition of the four FWISD parents and issued a temporary restraint order against Scribner’s mask requirements.

NS Board of Education called Special Meeting We will discuss mask requirements on Tuesday.

on Sunday, Tarrant County Health Department 1,155 new COVID-19 cases and “high” community diffusion levels were reported.