Texas tourists accused of vandalizing hostesses in Carmine were racially profiled: Lawyers


Three Texas tourists accused of attacking the hostess at a restaurant in the Upper West Side for questioning the COVID-19 vaccination card claimed they were racially profiled, and the hostess (attack) Demand that you dismiss (they say they are).

“This hostess clearly has some anger management issues, and unfortunately her aggression and her violence have led to something that three black women are being punished,” said a Texas civilian. Justin Moore, a rights lawyer, spoke at Carmine Thursday afternoon about the case.

Carmine’s lawyer has explicitly denied the Texas women’s accusations.

“The allegations that they were racially profiled are completely forged, dishonest, and completely irresponsible,” said lawyer Carolyn Richmond.

According to police, the three women w, a 24-year-old hostess who appears to be Asian. He said he attacked at Carmine’s on Broadway near 91st St.

Moore claims that when the hostess began to question the validity of the vaccination card “arbitrarily” and “unjustly”, the three women were already sitting inside and ordering drinks.

The hostess “refused to serve these women and was hostile to them,” Moore said in a news release late Friday. “The injury she suffered was caused by being physically detained by other Carmine staff after she was summoned for racism. She made it angry.”

Kaeta Rankin, 44, niece Tiony Keshey Rankin, 49, Houston, Texas, and Sally Lechel Lewis, 49, Houston, were given a voucher for the assault. I was released. They are expected to respond to the indictment in the Manhattan Criminal Court on October 1.

Moore said the hostess was rude to Rankin and her group. When they decided to leave, the N-word was dropped and the hostess “rushed” into Rankin, causing a fight, he said.

“The hostess is poorly trained to deal with patrols, has obvious problems with black women, and seems to be ignoring colored women,” Moore said.

A mobile phone video of the clash shows a Texas tourist wrestling with a young woman, almost knocking down a restaurant hostess counter in the process. Witnesses and restaurant staff were seen carrying one of the tourists physically from the scene.

The hostess was treated on-site but wasn’t badly hurt, Carmine owner Jeffrey Bank told the New York Daily News on Friday.

“She is very upset,” Bank said. “It’s unforgivable and ridiculous.”

Moore received his PhD from Caeta Rankin as a Texas businessman. In pharmaceutical science. According to Hawk Newsam, co-founder of Black Lives Matter NY, who supports The Rankin Family, Lewis is her assistant.

“[They]were racially profiled in Carmine, Manhattan,” said Newsom, who plans to protest before Monday in Carmine. “Instead of arresting the person who attacked her and the person she was with, police appeared and arrested Dr. Rankin.”

Rankin and her party returned to Texas, where she advised the community to be vaccinated, Moore said.

“The fact that people are using vaccination IDs on behalf of justifying the bad behavior of hostesses simply insults the injury and penalizes policy,” Moore said.

No call to Rankin was returned.

This week, the city began enforcing a vaccine obligation requiring people to prove that they were jabbed in order to participate in many indoor activities in five provinces. This includes dining in restaurants, drinking in bars, exercising, bowling, watching movies and shows.

Non-compliant companies will be fined $ 1,000 for the first breach, $ 2,000 for the second breach, and $ 5,000 for each subsequent breach. City officials said the mission would help keep New Yorkers safe and keep pandemic anxieties away.

Attempts to contact the bank and hostess for comment on Moore’s allegations were unsuccessful on Saturday.