Texas woman arrested under the guise of a 13-year-old daughter on a junior high school day

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Explain the disguise of Casey Garcia (left) and her motives (right). Casey Garcia / YouTube

  • Casey Garcia, 30, pretended to be a 13-year-old daughter, which she described as a social experiment.

  • She explained in a YouTube video that she sneaked into her daughter’s school and proved her security was loose.

  • Garcia said she survived almost a full day of school before being caught.

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Casey Garcia was arrested in high school almost all day in El Paso, Texas, pretending to be her 13-year-old daughter.

Garcia has been charged with trespassing criminals and falsifying government records after an incident in the San Elizario Independent School District. According to CBS 12 News..

At the age of 30, she recorded and posted her school experience over the phone. video To YouTube.

Garcia can be seen in the video wearing a yellow Marvel hoodie, a disposable black face mask, jeans, a backpack and high-top sneakers.

“Do you look like 7th grade?” She asked in the video. “No? Cool. Amazing.”

But according to Garcia, no one noticed that she wasn’t her daughter Julie.

“I’m here all day and meet my teacher,” she said in a video and ate lunch without completely covering her face with a mask.

Posted by Garcia Follow-up video Pretend to be a daughter and explain your motivation for spending the day at school.

“I was always nervous,” she said in a follow-up video. Garcia contacted the principal, a few teachers, and frontline guards when she first entered at the beginning of the day. He said he did. She said no one, including most of the teachers in the class she attended, realized she wasn’t Julie. Before she got caught up at the end of the day, all she had a hard time with was answering the phone.

“The school was so worried that my phone was hung up, so they weren’t even paying attention to who I was,” she said.

Garcia said her intention was to keep the school name away from her story. She said her motive was in the pursuit of safety.

“This is about the safety of our children and our children,” she said. “All I’m trying to do is prevent the next mass firing.”

Garcia didn’t immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

As of May 28 225 shots were reportedly recorded Until this year in America. March, Expert told Insider Filming at school can be particularly high as more students return to the classroom after the period of distance learning is over. However, they said that implementing safety protocols and training could prevent shootings to some extent.

number 3 video The following shows Garcia encountering police on Friday. There, I hear a police officer telling a 30-year-old girl that she was arrested in connection with a traffic warrant.

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