Texas youth soccer team got up from the playoffs because it was “too good”

League officials said the top team from the Texas Youth Football Association was locked out of the playoffs after authorities decided the team was “too good.”

The Flower Mound Rebels, consisting of 7 and 8 years old, had a perfect record, surpassing the enemy 199-6, Vice President of the Keller Youth Association, Let Taylor. Told NBC Dallas Fort Worth..

Taylor, whose team lost to the rebels 33-0, told the station that the team “dominated” the recreation-level league. This was the performance behind the decision to keep them away from the playoffs.

“They are too good. I fully admit it,” he said. “They are choice level teams. They are too good for REC level teams.”

If the team entered the League’s Super Bowl, he added, “Keller’s parents will have problems.”

The rebels joined the league during last year’s pandemic. In an interview with NBC Dallas / Fort Worth, coach Lagan Montero called Taylor a “painful loser” and accused him of “changing the rules to benefit him.”

Center Grayson Tanner, 8, told the station that the move made him “very sad.”

“I feel it’s worth playing in the playoffs,” he said.