Thai police investigating the death of a foreign woman in Phuket


On August 5, 2021, police officers inspected a scene in which a woman was found dead in a remote area in the southern part of Phuket Island, Thailand. (AP photo)

Bangkok — Investigations are underway in Thailand after the body of a Swiss woman was found in a remote area on the southern island of Phuket on Thursday.

Thai media reported that the woman’s partially dressed body lay face down in a rock gap near the waterfall and appeared to be hidden by a sheet. According to a nearby personal document, she was 57 years old.

The death situation was not immediately clear, but Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanny Sangrat said in a message posted to an online media group that Foreign Minister Don Plumdwinai contacted the Swiss ambassador, saying, “Swiss women’s I expressed my condolences for the killing. ” In Phuket. “

Mr Tanny said the governor of Phuket promised immediate investigation and autopsy.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry said in an email that it was aware of the death of a “Swiss citizen” in Phuket and that the victims had not yet been clearly identified. The Swiss Embassy in Bangkok was in contact with Thai authorities, but declined to comment further for privacy reasons.

Thai police have not commented yet.

Associated Press