“Thank you for always holding my back”



Last week, the news of the Green Bay Packers quarterback was reported. Aaron Rodgers And actress Shailene Woodley Together they canceled their engagement almost a year later.

“It was a friendly division. It didn’t work,” he said. Said people.. “They were very different people with busy careers and had insurmountable obstacles. They would continue to be friendly. There was no bad blood or drama. It didn’t work for them.”

Well, on Monday night, Rogers was with him Big Little Lies The actress remains in relatively good shape and shares an Instagram post dedicated to her and his packers teammates (in the Super Bowl favorites heading to the playoffs led by Rogers’ MVP season). Despite being, the team was upset at 13-10 by the San Francisco 49ers (in a split round).

Why professional athletes like Aaron Rodgers are so sensitive to medical quackery

“There are some here … #MondayNightGratitude Rogers captioned a series of Instagram images, including one of him snuggling up with Woodley on the couch.

“”@shailenewoodleyThank you for letting me chase you for the first few months after we met, and finally for letting me catch up with you and become part of your life. Thank you for always holding my back, show me the incredible kindness you show me and everyone you meet, and what unconditional love looks like I love you and thank you, “he wrote.

“Men who started sharing QB rooms every day, Matt, Nathaniel, Luke, @ jordan3love When @kurtbenkert , Everyone made it so much fun every day. I am very grateful for the daily laughter and stress relief you bring to me each year. I love you. “

Of course, early in the season, Rogers revealed that he misunderstood the general public, the media, and league members about the immunization situation, saying he was “immunized” to COVID-19 when asked. Caused a fuss. About the vaccination status during the presser when I was not actually vaccinated and only received homeopathic treatment from my doctor. The world learned of Rogers’ condition when Rogers tested positive for COVID-19 and was put into a 10-day protocol for unvaccinated players.

The NFL eventually convicted Rogers of multiple violations of the league’s COVID-19 policy, including removing the mask during the post-match press and attending team events without the mask. While the Packers recorded a $ 300,000 hit, he was eventually fined $ 14,650 for his breach, but with controversial moves he didn’t interrupt the game. ..

After that, Rogers doubled. His anti-vax stance yelled at the “awakened mob” and for some reason summoned Martin Luther King Jr. A strange podcast is appearing.. Meanwhile, Woodley posted a number of messages on Instagram in support of her fiancĂ©e at the time, blaming the media for his coverage and stating that he needed to “grab a straw to look down on Aaron.”

It is unclear whether Rogers’ anti-vax stance, or the subsequent controversy over it, contributed to the end of their relationship.

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