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It doesn’t make sense to move the MLB All-Star game to Denver

Major League Baseball will move the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia to Coors Field, Denver, Colorado. This “corresponds to a new Georgia law that citizenship groups are concerned about the potential for restrictions. Colored voting access.” Or perhaps MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said Rob Man. I moved the game because I was worried about Fred. Cobb County estimates that losing the game will cost the region more than $ 100 million. In other words, Atlanta, a city with a 51% black population, is the largest black majority metropolitan area in the United States and earns $ 100 million. They will live, but it is certainly a unique way for professional baseball to show solidarity with the African-American community. On the other hand, Denver’s black population is about 9 percent. If you want to see an isolated city, come to Denver. It’s the dazzling whiteness of a neighborhood like Stapleton, where Manfred, who runs the league with one black majority owner, was officially converted to Anodyne’s Central Park within a year. You might think when the limousine is driving. Road from Denver International Airport to Downtown. Another interesting way to raise concerns about suspicion of “voting restrictions” is to move the All-Star game into a state where there are, in many respects, at least as strict voting laws as Georgia. To vote in Colorado, you need a photo ID, just as you would in the Coors Field Will Call window. Like Colorado, in Georgia, non-ID voters use the last four digits of their Social Security number, bank statements or utility bills, salaries, or other government documents with their names and addresses. Is allowed. ID requirements are the rule most disliked by Democrats, but are widely popular among voters. Therefore, we have to use exaggerations and disinformation when talking about the rest of these laws. In Colorado, you also need to verify the signature of your mail ballot. Over 10,000 voters are rejected per election due to poor signatures. This is a kind of shameful disfranchisement that Manfred currently supports. You may recall that Joe Biden and other Democrats mistakenly claimed that dry voters would simply be denied water under this new law, but the restrictions specify what the campaign can distribute. The purpose is to reduce to. It is hardly unique across the country. Colorado, like Delaware and the other 37 states, including what is now Georgia, prevents campaigners from giving out water, food, and tools to voters near polling stations. But to be fair, perhaps no one has as restrictive policy in this regard as New York, where Major League Baseball headquarters are located. Georgia, like Colorado, has no excuses for absentee ballots. However, Georgia is more extensive, with a minimum of 17 days of early voting, with a total of 19 days due to regulations allowing the county to add two more Sunday election days. There are 15 in Colorado, and using the rapidly changing criteria, it’s basically Bull Connor. Colorado, which had transitioned to all-mail elections before COVID, will automatically mail ballots to all “active” voters. This is something most states didn’t think about until last year, and it only happens in an emergency. As a former Colorado resident, I can tell you, it’s not uncommon for people to get ballots for former residents, grown-up children, or dead relatives in their mailboxes. It’s a mess. Still, whatever your opinion on that policy, if you don’t automatically provide mail voting to all residents, whether they request it or not, it’s now considered a “steroid Jim Crow”. , MLB will spend an impossible time to rationalize every event in every state. Or at least a state that takes elections seriously. Of course, we do not accept the idea that maintaining minimal integrity in elections is “repression.” Obviously, Georgia voters haven’t. Only 36 percent of the new Morning Consult polls oppose the new law. Can you imagine what these polls would look like if most of the media weren’t lying openly about the bill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? But Manfred obviously doesn’t care about lies. He doesn’t care about his fans. He doesn’t want to know anything about the law. He doesn’t care about the black community. If so, he wouldn’t have run the game. Rob Manfred, like many others who wilt with the first signs of left-wing hysterical, is there to protect Rob Manfred.