“That’s a big deal!”

Fox News’ Steve Doocy told House Republican Speaker Stephanik about reports that the FBI was trying to recover classified nuclear documents from Mar-a-Lago, saying, “Big deal!” Overnight, President Trump said he encouraged the judge who authorized the search to release both the warrant and the list of items sought in the search.

DOOCY: Apparently they are related to nuclear weapons. I don’t know if they are our weapons or other nation’s weapons, but if that’s true and they were in Mar-a-Lago’s basement, that’s a big deal.

STEFANIK: Yes, Steve, there was also a lot of speculation…and media coverage. we don’t know the facts That’s why it’s important to follow wherever the facts lead, even in its oversight role for the House Intelligence Committee. We continue to see the FBI refusing to answer controversial and over-the-top questions.