“That’s her body, that’s her name”

  • Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean has spoken out about his daughter’s decision to change her name from Eva to Elliott.

  • McLean told People that it wasn’t a “transgender thing,” but a “personal choice” by her daughter.

  • McLean said Elliott felt her old name, Ava, was “not so unique or original”.

Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean has opened up about his 9-year-old daughter changing her name from Eva to Elliott.

McLean said people He said he “supports” his daughter’s name change for whatever reason.

“When my daughter asked me to change her name to Elliott, at first I wasn’t sure if it was a transgender thing, but it’s not, but it’s a personal choice.” is her name and everything she is.”

Elliott’s name change was first announced by her mother in a back-to-school post Instagram last month.

“She’s still Ava. She’s always been Ava to me,” McLean told People. “But at the same time, whatever it is, it’s hers and I’m going to stand by it a million percent. So will my wife.”

McLean added that Elliot first chose her new name over a year ago, according to People.

He remembered what his daughter had said.

On an Instagram story, McLean’s wife Rochelle answered questions about Elliot’s name change. previously reported.

“It’s nobody’s business, but Elliott’s name change is not a gender issue,” Rochelle wrote, noting that her daughter had long wanted to change her name and the name Elliott was “stuck.” pointed out.

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