‘That’s scary. ‘Birth of rattlesnake is a gnarled two-headed baby, says South African park

A diamondback rattlesnake gave birth and among its 11 babies was an amazing creature with two heads.

strange birth Reported January 25th It is located by the Venom Pit Snake Park, a snake and reptile sanctuary near East London on the South African coast.

“How lucky a pregnant female western diamondback rattle dropped this two-headed baby today,” Park wrote on Facebook.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t born yet, but it’s amazing to be able to see it in action and to actually be real.”

Rather than laying eggs that hatch outside the womb, western diamondback rattlesnakes give birth to live offspring.

Photos show that the two-headed snake looked like two copperheads woven into a single-tailed creature.

The same mother gave birth to 10 other normal-looking babies, according to park officials who shared images of the other 10 snakes.

Park officials have not reported what happened to the strange two-headed carcass.

The social media reaction to the announcement has been a mixture of glamor and fear. Diamondbacks are not native to Africa and have a venomous bite that immobilizes prey. Attack the blood system.

“That’s scary,” Bev Chandler I have written. “As if one head was missing”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes” Lawrence Bernard Said.

The Venom Pit is ” Africa’s deadliest snake According to Trip Advisor, it is the rarest in the world. He is one of Africa’s largest snake parks.

The place of origin of the western diamondback rattlesnake is Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. They can reach 7 feet and live 20 years.

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