“That’s why they pull out Candice.”


Candace Owens‘Data on which racial groups are the most violent in the United States “Tucker Carlson tonight.” Black conservatives, who rely on the network, claimed that blacks were the “most murderous group” in the country.

Owens got a lot of attention last month when he was discussing the arrest of Darrell Brooks. At a Christmas parade in Wokisha, Wisconsin, a 39-year-old black man, Brooks, drove through a crowd, killing six and injuring more than 60.

Tucker Carlson's Candace Owens (Screenshot of

Tucker Carlson’s Candace Owens (Screenshot of “Tucker Carlson’s Tonight”)

Conservative commentators claimed that Democrats downplayed the case because the attackers were not white. She also accused her of being obsessed with race only when political parties benefited them.

“One of the things I always say, Tucker, is that the left can pull the racist story out of the thin air where it doesn’t exist. It’s actually on their face. When they absolutely try to avoid it, “Owens said during the November 29th episode of the Fox Prime Time talk show.

“This obviously happens more often in this country, especially if the perpetrators are blacks against other whites, given the fact that black Americans are the most murderous group in the United States by race. “The right-wing provocative added.

Owens’ comments evoked a backlash almost instantly. Blowback is a continuation of what she faced on Twitter when she first trotting the idea a week ago, when she especially called on a black man.

“Of course, we all know the truth,” Owens wrote. “Black men are America’s most murderous group, and their victims are mostly other blacks. It has nothing to do with white supremacy, but I’m lying because the media and politicians are lying. We never solve the real problem. BLM guarantees more black deaths.

Many wondered how she reached her conclusion. Was warning about the danger Of a white supremacist group for over 10 years. U may actually try to follow websites and news sources other than Faux. “

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian on YouTube’s The Young Turks have further blown up Owens’ Fox as a politician of the Brooks case. The two progressive hosts provide the context that Owens’ resource-limited areas, often black neighborhoods, tend to have higher crime rates as a result of social and economic problems. I say I couldn’t.

“Tucker Carlson wants to call a black American a barbarian murder, and that’s why they bring Candace Owens, but he knows he can’t, so he pays Candace. Is like that, “Uighur explained.

The Uighurs further argued that if there was a group most murdered by race in American history, it would be a “white right wing due to a landslide.”

He added. “They enslaved. They started the Civil War. They killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. They enslaved people.”

Owens was finally found on Twitter, claiming he was in favor of a stricter abortion law, apparently moving forward after dropping her remarks at Carlson’s show.

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