The 10-year-old served as her teacher’s “class nurse”.She died of COVID 6 days later

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Screenshot / YouTube

The parents of a 10-year-old Virginia girl who died of COVID-19 after a teacher assigned her the role of “class nurse” were torn to school on Saturday after saying a half-hearted investigation into her death. I did.

Teresa Sperry She died on September 27, just five days after she began experiencing headaches.— —And six days after he said his parents were tasked with taking the sick children to the nurse’s office. Her parents were not even informed that she was positive until two days after she died.

she was Conscription to the role of class nurse According to school reports, her school, Hillpoint Elementary School, had to accompany a sick student on her way to a nurse on September 21st. However, the school claims that strict protocols are in place when dealing with children with symptoms of COVID-19.

The school report does not mention when Sperry may have been exposed to the virus. Instead, it turns out that two days before she first experienced her first headache, she took her student to her nurse’s office because of her inhaler and arm injuries. For more serious symptoms. Her teacher told investigators that neither Teresa nor the student she was helping had symptoms at the time, and Teresa had to help a student who appeared to be infected, her report said. increase. However, requiring students to escort sick students to nurses has been reported to be contrary to the Suffolk Public School’s COVID-19 protocol.

Her father, Jeff Sperry, said Virginia pilot“They got her to do this job without parental consent. Do you want your child to take the student to a nurse during the pandemic? Nonsense. Insane. Someone asks me I would have said no if you let me know. “

According to her parents, the three-page report on the 10-year-old death showed no effort to carry out thorough contact tracing. They obtained documents about Teresa’s death at the request of the Information Disclosure Act. The school did not voluntarily provide it to them.

“When I print it, it becomes 3 pages,” said the mother. Nicole Sperry Added. “If they really wanted to do contact tracing, they would have done more.”

Theresa’s parents feel that the school couldn’t help them understand what happened to their daughter.

“I feel the research report is incredibly incomplete,” said Jeff Sperry. “How do they know who she is while she sits outside the nurse’s clinic? They didn’t look at the camera. I saw my daughter go to the clinic. There is nothing about interviewing the guards you would have seen. They did not interview anyone else who would have met her. “

The Suffolk Public School said in a statement: pilot The protocol was not broken: “Students attending Hillpoint Elementary School with suspected COVID symptoms will be reported to the nurse or office by phone to indicate suspected” code C “. “

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