The 11-year-old was placed on a ventilator with COVID as a Texas mom accused a face-to-face school.


The 11-year-old girl is showing signs of improvement in her fight against COVID-19. The mother says she was most likely caught in a school in Texas.

“She is a fighter” Terri Gurganious talked about his daughter Brennah on ventilator at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston last week.

Terri Gurganious believes Brennah is likely to have caught the virus at Buna Junior High At the beginning of the school year, According to KBMT. Brenna participates in multiple teams and clubs at the school, TV stations reported.

There is 82 students and 14 staff currently with COVID At the three schools that make up the Beech Independent School District. Cases represent 5.4% of students and 4.9% of staff.

So far this year, which began on August 11, 125 students in the district have tested positive for the virus.

“I’m very upset about this.” Terri Gurganious wrote on Facebook, Post a photo of her daughter on a ventilator. “This wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t left the children at home and sent the exposed children and faculty to school.”

Mom wants the school to be closed or the class to be effectively taught.But the school district 2021 school return plan Do not provide distance learning this year except for COVID positive students.

If COVID-19’s “community infection” justifies it, the district can also go to virtual learning, but the plan does not specify which infection rate causes such changes.

School district parents can send their children to school with masks. The district also does not require staff to wear masks.

Due to financial issues, “there is no other choice,” Donnie Lee, the director of Beech ISD, told KBMT, other than continuing to teach at school instead of doing virtual learning.

Brena’s mom wrote her condition on Sunday “Dramatically improved.” However, according to KBMT, she may need to be hospitalized for another month.

“They are amazed at how well she responded and how fast she responded,” Terry Gurganius said on Facebook. “She is a blessed lucky girl. If I had been waiting for another day or two, I probably wouldn’t get this result.”

Two fetuses died after the unvaccinated mother was infected with COVID, according to Texas officials.

According to a school in Oklahoma, a second-year middle school student remembered with an “unforgettable smile” dies of COVID