The 1967 Shag Harbor UFO case remains of interest

The Shag Harbor fishing community has a unique appeal for tourists passing through southwestern Nova Scotia. This is a commentary center commemorating one of Canada’s most famous UFO incidents.

Retired fisherman Laurie Wickens is chairman of the Shag Harbor UFO Incidents Association, which runs the center. On the unforgettable night of October 4, 1967, he was driving him 56 Pontiac was accompanied by four friends when some strange light appeared in the sky.

“There were four of them. One continued in every part, all turned on for one second, then all turned off, thenWickens, who was 17 at the time, recalled in an interview.

“We thought it was an airplane. I saw it for three or four minutes. It was at an angle of 45 degrees from the flight level. [downward] And we lost sight of it. … We went to the top of the hill. [From there] I saw the lights go into the water. “

Wickens found a pay phone. “We called RCMP and reported the plane crash. He didn’t believe me at first,” he said of the police officer who answered the phone.

“The Coast Guard boat went out, the fishing boat went out. Nothing was found.”

Wickens, RCMP officers, and other locals watched from the coastline and saw a large orange light slowly move across the water for about 30 minutes and then disappear.

Two days later, a Royal Canadian Navy diver combed the bottom of Main Bay off Shag Harbor with a fleet dive unit Atlantic and was seen by dozens of people, including airline pilots and fishermen, but nothing was found.

These days, UFO events are sometimes referred to as unidentified flying objects (UAPs). On June 25, the Director of National Intelligence of the United States released a preliminary report on the overrated UAP between 2004 and 2021.

The report investigated 144 sightings of “unidentified aerial phenomena” by Navy pilots and others. Pilots reported 11 UAP near misses, but “abnormal patterns or flight characteristics” were noted in 18 incidents.

Canada also has a claimed share of sightings, with hundreds reported each year.

Shellburn connection

The same night Wickens and his friends saw the strange light of Shag Harbor, 12-year-old Chris Stiles saw a similar UFO from a bedroom window overlooking the 250-kilometer waterfront in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I saw.

Since the early 1990s, Styles has extensively investigated the Shag Harbor case and has written two books on this subject.

“You had about 70 witnesses, including three RCMP police officers on duty. They saw it in the air and on the water,” Styles said in an interview.

He found a telex from Royal Canadian Navy Command to a Navy dive unit.

“At the top, they write the UFO in large letters, underline it three times, and put an exclamation mark behind it,” he said. Colonel WW Turner’s memo reports:Rescue Coordination Center We conducted a preliminary investigation and ignored the possibility that sightings were generated by aircraft, flares, floats, or other known objects. “

Officially, at least the object was not found. What Styles said seems curious.

“Even the smallest estimate is 60 feet in diameter and circular, and you have to wonder about something that everyone agrees with being in the water there. And the sound is pretty shallow, [yet] No one found anything. “

When the RCMP went on a fishing boat to investigate, they saw something strange, apart from the orange light seen for 30 minutes. It is a band of yellowish bubbles sitting on the water.

“There was a large bubble streak about 80 feet wide and 0.5 miles long. [the UFO] After hitting the surface of the water, we were moving along the surface, “said Styles.

“Seven divers were sent, and they are the ones I found [to interview].. It was very easy for me as his high school best friend, his dad, trained all the divers and ran the unit at the time. “

Surprisingly, Navy divers and other military sources have told Styles that they have never told the public. The UFO later moved to Shelburn, about 50 kilometers northwest.

“Things were moving underwater. [The Navy] Argus and S-2 dropped the sonar buoy and were chasing it, “he explained. “Maybe it stopped on the ocean floor between Government Point and the lighthouse on McNuts Island …. there were two. [UFOs] Sitting at the bottom there, one was giving some help to the other. “

According to Styles sources, the UFO stayed in the waters off Shelburn for a week, and Russian submarines invaded the area. The area was challenged by US and Canadian vessels on site.

“”[The UFOs] It begins to return under the water towards the main bay. When they arrive just beyond Bonportage Island and still outside Shag Harbor, they surface and fly away. “

Unlike Shag Harbor’s abundant paper trails, there is no solid evidence to support the claim that UFOs exist in Shelburne.

The Shag Harbor UFO event happened more than 50 years ago, but its folklore remains. In 2019, Royal Canadian Mint $ 20 silver coin It represents a disc with four lights that glow in the dark. Wickens purchased those 200 for the Shag Harbor UFO Case Association.

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