The 911 Dispatcher, who refused to send an ambulance to a bleeding woman, was charged with involuntary mansions unless she agreed to go to the hospital.


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  • A Pennsylvania 911 operator is facing manslaughter after refusing a female ambulance.

  • Kelly Titchenell called 911 in July 2020 on behalf of her mother, who said she had “bleeding from the rectum.”

  • However, 911 dispatcher Leon Price refused to send an ambulance unless Kronk told him to go to the hospital.

The Associated Press operator in 911 was charged with manslaughter after refusing to send an ambulance to a bleeding woman in Pennsylvania. report..

Leon Price, 50, said in a 911 call with Kelly Titchenell that he would send an ambulance to his mother unless he indicated he was going to the hospital, according to a criminal accusation filed in the western part of Pennsylvania last month. Rejected.

According to court documents, Titchenell called 911 in July 2020. In the complaint, Titchenell’s lawyer said she described her 56-year-old mother, Diania Kronck, to Price as “jaundice, inconsistent, rectal bleeding.”

However, Mr. Price said “frankly” that ambulances and other ambulances would not be dispatched to their mothers because they were a “waste of resources.”

According to the complaint, “as a result of Defendant Price’s actions, and as a result of the proximity and / or direct consequences of the lack of emergency care, the requested emergency services did not come that day,” Diania Kronck died.

If Price sent an ambulance or some kind of emergency ambulance, the complaint states that Kronk may have died “more dignified”, at least with less suffering.

The proceedings also state that Price must have been aware of the seriousness of the situation because of “Titchener’s appealing tone and explanation of the mother’s serious problems.”

The proceedings allege that “the price did not have the authority to excessively deny service by law or otherwise” against Kronk or Titchenell.

Kronk died the next day.

“I truly believe that if my mother sent me an ambulance, she would still be alive,” Titchener said. Washington post.. “It shouldn’t have been his decision. He should have sent her ambulance to let her expert decide if she should go to the hospital.”

Two years later, officials in Greene County, Pennsylvania, reportedly charged Price with unintentional manslaughter.

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