The accused Capitol riot has a novel defense: Fox News made him do it

Let’s talk about “Foxitis”.

As you may know, lawyer Joseph Harley provided an explanation at a client’s court hearing last week, and the Capitol rebel Anthony faces five federal crimes about his role in the attack.・ I blamed Antonio. “Do you want a war?” He reportedly yelled at the police. “We had a war! Again in 1776!”

But in the end, Antonio wasn’t the only one who broke into the Capitol and threatened the police. As Harley told the court, Antonio “believed what was given to him” on Fox News. The network has been useful for 25 years, meaning lie, slander, slander, hogwash, fraudulent smorgås board. In the wake of last year’s elections, Donald Trump dedicated his talent to the ridiculous but dangerous treatise that he was fooled by a large-scale fraud.

“I was fascinated by what was being said to me and what was happening on TV,” a new rebuttal Antonio told CNN on Monday night.

In other words, he had Foxitis.

Well, beg forgiveness, but if Antonio had “Foxys”, Osama Bin Laden had “Jihad Flame”. If it sounds ridiculous, it’s because you can’t imagine a Muslim terrorist trying to describe his fanaticism as some fake illness. He will know that the chances of empathy are zero. In fact, if Antonio was revealed as a Muslim terrorist, he would know exactly what he would use for the army that influenced him. It can be said that he has radicalized.

More warlike among us would have already called for a parliamentary hearing about its intensification. He called on the leaders of his community to deny him. And promote monitoring of places where people who think like him gather.

Don’t point out too much about it, but there is no Congressional investigation into the impact of Fox News or its fellow travelers. No one would ask the city council of Naperville, Illinois to deny this particular citizen. The FBI also does not send agents to chat with the locals while having breakfast in the farm canteen.

Antonio wasn’t really “radicalized”, right? He only had Foxitis, which sounds like something you clean up with a shot of penicillin. The fact that Harley assembles client behavior in such relatively benign terms relies on us to consider Antonio with the same myopia that allowed him to defeat the Capitol in the first place. It suggests that you are doing it.

In other words, myopia is threat-aware if it does not meet certain given parameters. Many observers, especially the Southern Poverty Law Center, have warned of the dangers of right-wing terrorism for years, but by countries where only police atrocities suspect that violence is possible. The part was rejected. And Islamic believers. Note that in the days prior to the riot, Parliamentary police ignored a clear warning from the FBI. Parliamentary defenders should also note that even if the mob ran through the building, they were denied backup and riot control equipment.

The saying goes, no one is as blind as the invisible. This particular attraction has survived in Oklahoma City, Charleston, Charlottesville, El Paso, Poway, Pittsburgh and more. There are all reasons to believe it even survives this. Indeed, that’s what Harley relies on.

But no matter how much we accept his framing, we collusion to minimize the most serious threat to the US Capitol since 1865. So yes, let’s talk about “fossil flames”. Or here’s a better idea.

Let’s not do it.

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