The Air Force general described the Army’s long-range precision shooting targets as follows:

Washington — US Air Force General in charge Service bomber inventory management He blamed the Army’s new plan to deploy long-range missiles in the Pacific Ocean, calling the idea expensive, duplicate, and “stupid.”

“Why in the world do we entertain cruel and expensive ideas when we don’t? [Defense] Department, do you have the money to go to do it? ” General Timothy RayLeading the Air Force Global Strike Command, said in an aerospace advantage podcast at the Mitchell Institute recorded March 31st.

“I asked a few lawmakers to ask me, and what do you know? To be honest, I think it’s ridiculous,” he said. “I think it’s a silly idea to invest money that the service has mastered and recreates what it’s already doing. Why would you try it in the world? My language is a bit less than that. I try not to be colorful, but please take a break. “

The· Long-distance precision fire Effort is now Army modernization top priority, And services Ground-launched hypersonic missile system By 2023.

In March, the Army released a new strategic document presenting plans to act as an “internal force” to forward-deploy troops and ground missiles in the Pacific Ocean, which can destroy China’s defenses.

The development of strategic counterattack and hypersonic weapons is “very important” to enable the Army to neutralize access / area denial features that may limit the mobility of ships, air defenses, and services. “The Army Chief of Staff, James McConville, said: March 25th event at Brookings Institution.

“Looking at what some of our competitors did with anti-ship / area denial, they have a very sophisticated air defense and missile defense system, a very sophisticated anti-ship capability, and the basics. I’m trying to expand myself, “he said. “The argument we have is that you want to have multiple options to do that.”

That position ranked some Air Force supporters who believed that the Air Force bomber fleet would invade enemy airspace and offer more effective options for destroying missile defense, but of the Air Force. Leaders are largely silent about concerns about how the Army’s plans will be exhausted. Defense costs.

In a podcast, Ray claimed that the military did not prove that Western Pacific allies and partners could sign on to host the weapons system the service was trying to develop.

“There are many countries that have to agree with this. Perhaps we could see some of them agree at theaters in Europe, perhaps in Central Asia, but soon with credibility in the Pacific. I don’t think there is a match. “

Meanwhile, the Air Force is flying regularly Bomber MTF mission Around the world, Ray said he has long-range strike assets in theaters ready to respond quickly to the crisis. By 2022, this service will be the first service to be launched. Air-launched hypersonic missile..

“You have a bird in your hand, a team that knows proven abilities and what it looks like, understands how we can make things so fast all over the world and kills I know how to integrate the chain, “he said. “Why are you trying to reproduce it unless the parish is interested?”

It remains to be seen whether Ray’s comments are the first strike to become a larger conflict between the Army and the Air Force, or just the frustration of a general.

Air Force General John Heiten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the concept of joint operations requires all services to be able to carry out long-range strike missions.

“all [now] Heiten said in August, Aviation Week.. “But in the future, these lines will be abolished, which means that Army capabilities can defend themselves or deeply attack enemy operational territories on their own platforms. The Navy can protect itself or attack deeply. The Air Force can protect itself and attack deeply. The Marines can protect themselves or attack deeply. “

When co-appearing with McConville earlier this week, Air Force Chief of Staff General CQ Brown said services must work together, despite “different views of the battlefield and strategic environment.”