The airline will not return Quebec passengers to Mexico from Sunwing Party flights


Montreal — Passengers filming a maskless party on a chartered Sunwing Airlines flight from Montreal to Mexico last week became Paria, and two more airlines had to return to Canada on Wednesday. After announcing, I’m stuck.

Both Air Transat and Air Canada say they will refuse to carry passengers called “idiots” by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday after Sunwing cancels the return charter flight from Cancun scheduled for Wednesday. rice field.

Air Transat said on Twitter that Sunwing Airlines’ “disturbing passengers” were about to fly home but were denied boarding due to the company’s obligation to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

“We are refusing to board to ensure the safety of other passengers and their crew, to the extent that we can identify the passengers who were part of the group,” Air Canada said.

Among those looking for a way home are Trois Rivieres, a 19-year-old student from Kenya, Rebecca Saint-Pierre. Indefinitely. She said she tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday and is currently quarantined in Tulum, southern Cancun. She estimated that about 30 other people in flight were positive on the test.

“The organizers have left everyone. I don’t know who is still here. All flights have been canceled,” emotional Saint-Pierre told the Canadian press.

St-Pierre said he had never heard of an organizer who won a free trip on Instagram contest and called himself James William Awad on social media. “I was expecting a relaxing week I was going to be careful about,” she said. “But this turned out to be an expensive trip for something that should be free.”

A video of the December 30 flight shared on social media shows passengers wearing no masks gathering nearby while singing and dancing in the aisles and seats. In one video, a large bottle of vodka appears to pass between passengers, and later a woman appears to be smoking an e-cigarette.

Saint-Pierre admitted that the video accurately portrays what happened during the five-hour flight to Cancun.

“Did you have a social distance? I think people were doing drugs,” said Saint-Pierre. She said some people were putting petrolatum on their noses to block the COVID-19 test before their scheduled return trip.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Argabra, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, and Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino issued a joint statement late Tuesday, stating that they had ordered their department to investigate.

Passengers who violate Transport Bureau regulations could be fined up to $ 5,000 for each violation, according to the statement. He also warned that providing false information to Canadian government officials could result in fines of up to $ 750,000, six months’ imprisonment, or both.

Aviation experts said they hope the Department of Transport’s investigation will clarify why the pilot did not request an emergency landing after the crew lost control of the passengers.

“We live in a world where pseudo-influencers are better than anything else, but planes 30,000 feet above the ground are extremely dangerous,” said Meheran, head of the Aerospace Industry Research Unit at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Ebra Himi says.

“What if people decide to play at the door for fun? Airplanes aren’t the cottages you rent that can do everything you want.”

Awad wrote on Twitter Wednesday that a “simple party” on the plane was behind the controversy. “It takes me a while to sit down and rethink everything,” he said. “Especially, how can I do better next time?”

Awad, who runs a 111 private club, has organized trips that include a group of social media influencers and reality TV stars such as Karl Sabourin, Sandrine Seguin and Anna-Maelle Laprise on the popular Quebec show Occupation Double. Appeared in the state version of “Love Island”.

Trudeau called passengers’ actions irresponsible and “slap” to anyone who is subject to public health restrictions. In French, he called the passengers “stupid” and “barbarians.”

“Like all the Canadians who watched the video, I’m very frustrated,” Trudeau said at a press conference in Ottawa.

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