The alleged anti-Asian, anti-Semitic past of the Ice Cube resurfaces after news of the NFL partnership

Critics have called attention to the Ice Cube’s anti-Asian and anti-Semitic past, following the NFL’s announcement of a partnership with the Economic Equity Initiative Rapper’s Contract with Black America (CWBA) Institute. rice field.

The NFL, which aims to strengthen its cooperation with black-owned companies, announced a partnership on June 30. collaboration “Identify league-wide opportunities in the financial, technology, and production sectors, focusing on increasing spending on black businesses across the country to bridge the racial and economic wealth gap in the United States.” I will focus on that.

The NFL is reported to have spent more than $ 125 million on black businesses such as Ariel Investments, CityFirst / Broadway Bank, Cover Communications, and Fearless Technology over the past year. Ice Cube said the announcement seems to mark the beginning of an official partnership, but the league and his initiative have already been in close contact for over a year.

“If we tackle the huge wealth gap between blacks and whites in this country, we should solve many of the problems there,” said Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson.AP Pro Football Podcast“Our aim was to chase after some of the largest companies in the country that depended on black consumers or black workers. The largest company we focused on was the NFL.”

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With the exception of Ice Cube, CWBA is headed by entertainment lawyer and his longtime business partner Jeff Kwatinetz, and advisors Ja’Ron Smith and Chris Pilkerton.

As a prominent artist, IceCube is the face of their initiative. For this reason, critics immediately reminded the general public of his history of targeting Jews and Asians in his songs.

July 1 Washington Free Beacon Ice Cube used the phrases “White Jew” and “cracker” to quote Jewish music producer Jerry Heller in his song “No Vaseline.”

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In Free Beacon’s story, IceCube is described as “an anti-Semitic rapper who called for violence against Jews and Asians in his song.” In “No Vaseline,” he rapped, “Get rid of the devil really simply and put a bullet in his temple.”

of “Black KoreaThe Ice Cube, allegedly about racism against the black community by Korean shop owners in Los Angeles, threatened to “burn your shop crisply.” “Mother f * ckers” and “small Chinese mother f * cker”.

In the previous song “Horny Lil’Devil”, Ice Cube raps “Go to the corner shop and beat Jap”.

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All three tracks were part of his studio album “Death Certificate”. The album was released on October 31, 1991, months after Rodney King was escalated after being the victim of police atrocities in Los Angeles. Years of tension Between black and Korean community members.

Ice Cube will be released in June 2020 Luis Fara KhanIslamic leaders who called the Jews “American evil deceivers” and compared them to “termites”.

After the announcement, several Twitter users criticized the NFL-IceCube partnership.

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“The NFL, Ice Cube Partner for Economic Fairness Plans … The Black Speciesist Bull SHI in Professional Sports-is Great.” I have written.. “That’s why November will be the hardest hit for the left in history. Overwhelming !!!”

another Asked,”why are you [NFL] Hire someone who demands violence against Asians and Jews to help something ??? “

“How often do you hear about these programs for Hispanic or Asian communities / businesses compared to Black 1? Who complains most about racism? I’m a black community / Not knocking to support the business. Not one, but all or no help at all. ” Tweet..

To date, IceCube is reported not to apologize for his controversial remarks.He also has Threatened to sue A journalist who described him as an “anti-Semitic.”