The amendment aims to give parents the right to view educational materials

The new amendments aim to give parents the opportunity to see all curriculum materials that children are introduced to, especially on issues of relationships and sex education.

Proposed and accepted by Baroness Morris of the Labor Party and Sir Sandhurst of the Conservative Party on June 10th. Amendments will be clarified by law Parents have the right to view all curriculum materials that their children publish at school.

“If requested by parents, the school must make all curriculum materials used by the school accessible to parents, including those provided by external third-party charities and commercial organizations. There is, “says the amendment.

The UK Government’s School Bill, now in the House of Lords, is a new ambitious law aimed at raising school education standards across the country by increasing attendance and improving protection.

In 2019, statutory requirements were introduced for UK schools to teach relationship / relationship and sex education (RSE) and health education (“RSHE” for short).

At that time, the government had its guiding principles (pdf) “All essential subject content must be age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.”

“It must always be taught sensitively and comprehensively about the background and beliefs of students and parents, with the aim of providing them with the knowledge necessary for the law,” he added.

Some criticize independent RSE providers who teach “gender identity” in the classroom.

One is a sexuality education school that offers in-school workshops on “agreement, sexual health, pornography, positive relationships” and its approach is “rights-based, sex positive, non-binary, trauma information”. It states that there is.

“This explicit call for parental involvement reflects potential sensitivity to the subject of RSE and should act as a breakwater against ideology and inadequate and inaccurate material.” I have written Campaign group Conservatives for women in response to the news. “PAllents across the country are wary of children returning home from school and telling stories about the transcendental / scientifically inaccurate materials they were taught. ”

“Some were blocked when parents approached the school to view RSE materials. When parents put a lot of pressure on this issue, some schools continued to block them, one. The department’s school used the argument that RSE content provided by external providers is commercially confidential. ” Conservatives for women..

Caroline Farrow, a British and Irish campaign director and Catholic writer at CitizenGO, told the Epoch Times that the amendment was “very welcome news,” but she said “relationships and sex in elementary school.” There is an urgent need to withdraw the law that mandates education. ” .. “

Farrow takes a child from the age of 5 to a family to explore themes such as “boundaries, joy, consent, queenness, sex” and creates a petition to abolish the family sex show that introduces frontal nudity. Was useful. Sexuality School is a family sex show consultant.

“If this is restricted to being on school grounds, this overcomes concerns from external providers regarding commercial confidentiality,” she said.

“Education should be a partnership between parents and schools,” Farrow said.

“Parents are first and primary educators, and schools do not have the right to impose values ​​on their children. In particular, whether their values ​​are religious or mundane, they violate their own values ​​and ethics. If so, she added.

“Parents have the right to know what their children are taught, and the curriculum contains scientifically inaccurate content, especially if the school seeks to hide sexually explicit or LGBT curriculum from parents. If so, you’ll need to give some warning signs, “Farrow added.

In neighboring Wales, parents are currently fighting Welsh compulsory sex education. From an early age, the government has stated that it “empowers learners gradually” in areas such as fairness, gender, gender and sexuality. A judge in the High Court granted a judicial review of a compulsory sex education program.

The exact content of the Welsh RSE material has not yet been announced. However, RSE is known to have completely removed the word “sex” from the curriculum, along with the terms “male,” “female,” “boy,” “girl,” “straight,” and “heterosexual.” I am.

Children also learn about relationships, rights, equality, gender, gender, sexuality, body, body image, sexual health, well-being, and violence, safety, and support.

Owen Evans


Owen Evans is a UK-based journalist who covers stories from a wide range of countries with a particular interest in civil liberties and free speech.