The Argentine leader’s test shows COVID.Pending Verification

Buenos Aires, Argentina (AP) —Argentine President Alberto Fernandez says he received the first positive test for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated in January.

Fernandez tweeted earlier on Saturday that he had a headache, experienced a fever of 37.3 degrees Celsius (99.1 degrees Fahrenheit), and then had a rapid antigen test for the virus. He said he was otherwise mildly ill, isolated and “physically healthy”.

He said he was waiting for confirmation of the results using a more rigorous PCR test.

The president, who turned 62 on Friday, was vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine on January 21, and was given a second vaccination a few days later.

None of the vaccines used against the new coronavirus completely eliminate the infection, but it has been shown to significantly reduce the infection rate and its severity.

Russia’s Gamalaya Institute, which manufactured the vaccine, tweeted that the president wanted a quick recovery, stating that the vaccine’s efficacy rate was 91.6% for infections and 100% for critical cases. It was.

“If an infection is confirmed and occurs, vaccination guarantees a rapid recovery without serious symptoms,” he said.

More than 650,000 people in Argentina have received both scheduled shots of the vaccine, and national health statistics show that only about 1,000 of them have been infected for more than 14 days after the last dose. ..

“It is perfectly plausible, likely, logical and predictable that people are infected with the virus,” said Humberto Debat, a virologist at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Cordoba, Argentina. He said the main purpose of the vaccine is to prevent serious illness and death.

Argentina has recently tightened border restrictions due to a surge in incidents. About 45 million people have recorded about 2.4 million infections and 56,000 have died. It has given more than 4 million vaccines against the disease.

Officials also said several people have been isolated after recent close contact with the president, including a spokesman for the president, the secretary-general of the president, the leader of the House of Representatives, and the son of the vice president, Maximo Kirchiner. It was. Former President — Cristina Fernandez.