The Arizona auditor will complete the third ballot recount and return the material to Maricopa County.

Auditor working on Arizona The Senate-led review of the Maricopa County 2020 general election completed a third and final ballot recount late Wednesday and prepared materials to return to county control on Thursday.

Since then, months of audits have been conducted at the Phoenix trade fair. Late april Focus on creating a comprehensive report based on election machine results and other voting material analyzed during the review. The Maricopa County Elections Bureau arrived at the audit site Thursday morning with a truck to retrieve the material.

“Maricopa County has received ballots and other subpoenas for the 2020 general election of about 2.1 million people today,” the agency wrote on Twitter. “I expect to spend two trips and most of the day to collect the subpoena items.”

Maricopa Election Audit Donor List Released

Senator Arizona Karen FanHired Florida-based company Cyber ​​Ninjas to lead the audit, which said on July 13 that a third recount would be required for the first audit count and the number certified by Maricopa County authorities. Said. Did not match..

The transfer of materials from the state trade fair will take place the day after Cyber ​​Ninjas CEO Doug Logan issues a statement detailing the long-awaited list of donors for auditing. It did not reveal where the external funds came from.

Logan’s statement Financial tally From five conservative donors, including the America Project, which provided $ 3.25 million for audits. According to Logan, the total amount raised was $ 5,711,514.43, but when all the donations received were calculated to be $ 5,661,514.43, a difference of $ 50,000.

Fans Mid-August.

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President Joe Biden won Arizona and its 11 electoral votes with more than 10,000 votes out of 3.3 million votes across Arizona.His lead of about 2 percentage points was partly due to his dominance in the populous Maricopa County, which was scored by the Democratic Party. Almost 45,000 Of the approximately 2.1 million votes cast, he cast more votes than Trump.

The Washington Examiner asked Cyber ​​Ninja and Maricopa County for comment, but did not respond immediately.

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Original location: The Arizona auditor will complete the third ballot recount and return the material to Maricopa County.

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