The assassin may have killed Abe in revenge for a religious group that bankrupted his mother


Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe Photo by Kim Jeong Hoon-Pool / Getty Images

Tetsuya Yamagami, the accused man assassination Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo AbeHe was allegedly motivated by his hatred for the Unification Church, also known as the Unification Church.

Members of the Unification Church are sometimes referred to by derogatory colloquial expressions derived from the name of the founder of the group. Pastor Sun Myung MoonHe considered himself the Second Coming of Christ.

Mr. Yamagami is said to have been indignant at the Unification Church because his mother, a member of the group, went bankrupt after donating to the group. Washington post report.. Japanese police said Mr Yamagami was motivated by hostility to religious groups accusing his mother of financial ruin, and a Tokyo-based representative said on Sunday that Mr Yamagami’s mother was a member of the church. He said he confirmed.

Although Abe did not belong to the Unification Church, he gave a paid speech at church-related events, and the Unification Church formed a credible voting block for the Abe Liberal Democratic Party.

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