The Australian Defense Minister states that the Collins-class submarine class is still powerful and does not require a third-type submarine.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton said he was a “third-class submarine” because of concerns that Australia could be short-lived and face a military gap before the arrival of AUKUS nuclear submarines by 2040. Was excluded.

Centre-right coalition Dutton commented during a defense debate with Shadow Defense spokesman Brendan O’Connor at the National Press Club in Canberra.

“We don’t want a third-class submarine,” he told reporters on May 5. Nuclear submarines came from the Commander of the Defense Forces, the Chief of Navy, and the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Defense Forces, and did not advance to the third platform. “

Dutton said it’s not just about cost, it’s impractical to buy a “off-the-shelf” submarine.

This is despite the idea that it is being greatly promoted by Senator Rex Patrick, a former Navy officer who is now independent.

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The Royal Australian Navy submarine HMAS Rankin will be seen on September 5, 2021 at AUSINDEX 21, a biennial maritime exercise between the Royal Australian Navy and the Indian Navy near Darwin, Australia. (Photo courtesy of POIS Yuri Ramsey / Australian Defense Force, Getty Images).

“I want someone to explain where the shelves are,” he said. “I don’t know where the submarine shelves are.”

“If you have a used car yard for sale with 86 model submarines and no one else has bought it. I would be there with a heartbeat, but that’s not the case. Let’s stick to the facts.” He added.

The arrival of nuclear submarines in Australia under the AUKUS Agreement could take place in 2040, given the potential retirement of the existing fleet of Collins-class submarines, amid the current threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There is sex. In the South China Sea, and now in the Solomon Islands.

Defense Minister said it could speed up the delivery of new naval vessels, while the federal government is busy acquiring new long-range missiles and drones.

According to Dutton, the current fleet of six Collins-class submarines was as powerful a warship as US and British ships.

The point that the shadow defense spokesman agreed.

“I agree with Peter (Dutton) that Collins-class submarines are very capable boats. To that extent, we should be happy to have them underwater,” he said. .. “It would be very good if we could speed up the delivery of nuclear propulsion submarines.”

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(LR) Defense Minister Peter Dutton, Minister of Employment and Defense Brendan O’Connor. (AAP Image / Dan Himbrechts, AAP Image / Mick Tsikas)

Both MPs agreed that current supply chain constraints limit the opportunity to purchase existing submarine models.

“There are constraints in both the US and UK supply chains, and that’s the reality,” Dutton said, adding that each country was monitoring Beijing’s military buildup and maximizing military construction accordingly. ..

Even if Australia could buy a “ready-made” submarine, O’Connor said human resources would not be available.

“My view of total defense assets is that they are ideally manufactured here because they are defense assets and sovereign powers in their own right.

“Given what is being delivered to Ukraine at this point, this is noteworthy and more needs to be done, which leads to shortages elsewhere.”

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