The author says Megan Markle’s “American approach” led to the allegation that she bullied royal staff.

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  • Megan Markle’s “American approach” led to allegations of bullying, a royal writer told Insider.pu.

  • According to Christopher Andersen, her “positive personality” rubbed the royal staff the wrong way.

  • A spokesman for Markle called the claim an “attack on her character.”

Megan Markle’s A “clearly American approach” to get things done leads to a “cultural conflict” Allegations of bullying she is facing From a former employee, the royal writer said.

Christopher Andersen, author of “Brothers and Wife: In the Private Life of William, Kate, Harry, Megan” He told insiders that the problem between the Duchess of Sussex and some of the former royal officials was “just a cultural clash.”

“Especially in the royal family, they are very indirect in the way things are done,” Andersen said. “The distinctly candid and candid personality that Megan has to get things done, the distinctly American approach, rubs them the wrong way.”

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Representatives of the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess denied allegations of bullying against her.Karwai Tang / WireImage

Claim The Duchess of Sussex bullied the staff It was published in the Times of London report in March. At the time, two senior officials said they were bullied, one aide said they were “humiliated” by Markle, and the other had an experience with her “emotional cruelty.” It felt like an operation. “

Markle and Prince Harry’s spokesperson said, “I am saddened by this latest attack on her personality, especially as someone who is enthusiastic about helping those who have been targeted for bullying and have experienced pain and trauma. I’m out, “he told the publication.

A lawyer representing Sussexes told the publication that the claim was used “to make Buckingham Palace a completely false story.”

In response to the article Buckingham Palace begins investigating bullying allegations..

“We are clearly very concerned about the Times allegations following the allegations made by the Duke of Sussex and the former Duchess,” the palace said in a statement received by insiders at the time.

The gossip about Megan Markle was disseminated by courtiers, Christopher Andersen wrote.

In “Brothers and Wife,” Anderson said a courtier known as the “Gray Man” was briefing the newspaper with a negative story about Markle in order to enhance the reputation of other members of the royal family. I wrote that I started to notice.

“It was clear to Harry and Megan that the Gray men were spreading a lot of sneaky gossip to enhance the reputation of more important members of the family, primarily Cambridge,” he wrote in the book. increase.

Anderson, who spent years covering the royal family and wrote six books on this topic, also Markle’s. Oprah Winfrey InterviewThe Duchess of Sussex claims that it was Middleton who made her cry before her wedding with Harry. Not the other way around, as reported by the British tabloids...

“Meghan cites who cried during the flower girl’s blunder as a good example,” he wrote. “I’ve come to understand that they are willing to lie to protect other members of the family,” she said.

Megan Markle.

Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.Samir Hussein / Samir Hussein / WireImage

Former royal officials reportedly withdrew allegations of bullying

New chapter Biography of Sussexes “Finding Freedom” Released on August 31st Two staff withdrew the accusation..

Jenny Afia, one of Markle’s lawyers, also defended the Duchess from allegations of bullying in the BBC’s documentary series. “Prince and the media” It aired in the UK in late November.

Afia told BBC media editor and program host Amol Rajan that the tabloid story about the poor treatment of Markle’s staff was “wrong.”

“No one was able to work for the Duchess of Sussex, she was too difficult to demand a boss, and this story that everyone had to leave is not true,” she said.

“Bullying really means the repeated and intentional improper use of force to hurt someone physically or emotionally. The Duchess of Sussex absolutely denies it,” Afia said. Told. “It said she didn’t want to deny someone’s personal experience.”

The Duchess of Sussex and the representative of Buckingham Palace did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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