The baby dies after being crushed


Olive baboon is a type of monkey found in Gombe National Park

According to officials, a one-month-old boy died in Tanzania after being robbed by his mother by a monkey who entered the house.

The child was breast-fed when an army of monkeys invaded a house in the village of Mwamgongo, Kigoma, near Gombe National Park in western Tanzania.

It is not clear which species of monkey attacked the mother.

Kigoma regional commander James Manyama said the child died after the villagers tried to use force to rescue him.

“”[The mother] Screaming for help, the villagers rushed to her house to help her bring her child back … returned from the monkey army, “he told the Tanzanian Civic Newspaper.

After that, the monkey reacted positively.

Manyama said the baby had a head and neck injury and died while receiving treatment.

Police urged citizens to remain vigilant for monkeys crossing from the national park.

However, Mr. Manyama told the BBC that he had never heard of a similar incident during his three years in the area.

It is known that large wild animals such as elephants invade the land of villages near national parks and die.



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