The baby was found dead after Indiana parents said they left her with relatives to take a break


An Indiana baby who reported his parents missing said he had left his relatives for a break and was found dead in a jungle, officials said.

11 months old body Mercedes Rain It was discovered Wednesday night, a few days after searching for her in the countryside of northern Indiana. Justin Miller, 37, was arrested, charged and killed for the negligence of his dependents.

In the probable cause affidavit obtained by WSBT, Plymouth police officer Mercedes’ parents Kenneth Rein and Tiffany Coburn wrote that they could “take a break” because they left their daughter in a relative Miller on Friday, but he didn’t come back on Sunday. Authorities have not confirmed whether their parents have anything to do with Miller.

According to the affidavit, Miller told investigators on Sunday that Rain contacted him about the purchase of synthetic marijuana, and Rain began talking about the “rough time” he and Coburn spent with Mercedes. break down.

However, the daily memories of Miller’s care for Mercedes “changed several times,” he told investigators that he left the baby with the woman at the motel where his parents were staying.

Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman later said at a press conference broadcast by WXIN that this was incorrect.

After Miller was interviewed many times, Chipman said Wednesday that Miller had led an investigator to the body of Mercedes in the woodlands of Stark County. Miller told investigators that he woke up on Saturday at his home in Missha Walka near South Bend. The girl died And he disposed of her body, WXIN reported.

The cause of her death was undecided on Thursday.

Mercedes’ parents were charged with neglecting their dependents after police said they were “uncooperative” while searching for their children. According to the affidavit, both parents had difficulty finding after reporting that the daughter was missing.

Asked if her parents knew what had happened to Mercedes, Chipman said, “There is no evidence or evidence that they knew the end result.”

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