The Bengals won because they trusted their QB.The Chiefs put them on his sidelines

The first problem came on a low snap before Harrison Butker stepped in, but the field goal turned from the start. Even from 55 yards there was distance, but no hook.

And man, Patrick Mahomes must have had a great view of all this.

from a bystander.

The same view he had last year.

The Chiefs lost 27-24 to the Bengals here at Peycoe Stadium in Cincinnati, losing control of the AFC in the process. Because the Bengals believed their quarterback would win the game.

The Chiefs trusted the kicker.

By the way, it just tied it.

However, this is not about kickers. Regardless, the mistake isn’t who the Chiefs brought onto the field, but who they removed.

The most expensive, not to mention the best football players in the world.

Situation: With 3:24 left on Sunday, the Chiefs were facing 4th and 7th at the Bengals’ 37-yard line with the scoreboard trailing by three.

The man the Chiefs are paying $500 million for, the man who actually had the chance to give them the lead, limped toward the sidelines, but he and his head coach later said he was in the game. In his place, the Chiefs’ $20 million kicker (who has the chance to tie the game) rushed onto the field.

he missed

But why was he there?

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, “If you think he can’t make it, I’m not going to do it.” But he felt like he was in a good place. It has to run well.

“[Neither]should have come down to that, but it did.”

There are certainly many reasons why the Chiefs lost to the Bengals on Sunday. Their pass rush remains non-existent against a weak offensive line guarding Joe Burrow. Their efforts were terrible. And on play before a 4th-down decision, the Chiefs allowed his three passes his rush his sack his Mahomes.

Being the only team to beat Mahomes three times in his career, are the Bengals just a bad matchup for the Chiefs, or is Mahomes just better? The evidence the other side has is lacking if it must be presented before an arbitrator.

But despite this, the Chiefs were still 37 yards out of the end zone and had a chance to take the lead at three minutes.

they passed it on.


We took the best players out of the equation.


Reid has 242 wins in this league and there is no one better suited to coach this particular group. But this failure isn’t about whether the Chiefs made or missed his goal on the field. That’s what they even thought of trying.

The metrics suggested that the Chiefs had nearly a 3% better chance of winning the game by keeping the offense on 4th down on the field, according to Ben Baldwin’s 4th Down Decision Bot. Patrick Mahomes.

The choice the Chiefs made required a successful 55-yard field goal, followed by a defense that kept the Bengals scoreless on the ensuing drive, followed by an offense that produced another scoring drive either in regulation or overtime. I was.

The Chiefs’ defense allowed the Bengals to move at least 52 yards on seven of their eight drives to that point. If you make the 55-yard attempt first.

More than I had.

Do you think the Bengals were disappointed to see the No. 15 heading to the sidelines?

Behind Door No. 2: Mahomes converted a fourth down on a supposedly 50-50 shot. This he had already done twice early in the game. If successful, the chief suddenly takes control, and that control extends to the game clock as well. Had they been able to convert, the Chiefs could have wasted time, and at worst they’re seeing shorter field goals in less time. Scoring a down and forcing the Bengals to move 75 yards to respond — again, with much less time left.

“Whatever the coach decides, we’re ready,” Mahomes said. “If you want to kick a field goal, I believe we have one of the best kickers in the league, so I’m going to give them a chance to kick a field goal. If the coach wants it, we can make it happen as an offense.” I believe.”

The Chiefs are far from guaranteed 7 yards.Even if he could get 7 yards, it’s far from a guarantee they won the game, but this league is all about doing the best to themselves. chance to win the game.

Your best chance of winning an NFL game is Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes later noted that the Chiefs converted on two 4th downs early in the game. What he didn’t mention: Both conversions ultimately lead to touchdowns. In other words, Reed didn’t have to look far to see the potential benefits of keeping the league’s leading MVP contender on the field.

And Bengals coach Zach Taylor, just to be sure.

After moving the ball to the 28-yard line on the ensuing drive, the Bengals faced 3rd and 11th on the short side of the two-minute caution. The Chiefs used up all three of his timeouts, forcing Taylor to make a decision.

he went to it

After all, who would want the ball in Mahomes’ hands? If you choose, you know.

A burrow connected to Tee Higgins for 14 yards. game over.

“They’ll know quarterbacks out there,” Burrow said.

I will definitely do it.

“It’s about giving ourselves a chance,” Taylor said.


Taylor gave the quarterback.

The Chiefs gave quarterbacks a chance to see it play out.